SRP -- Standard Product Format (ASRP/USRP) (.gen)

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The ASRP and USRP raster products (as defined by DGIWG) are variations on a common standard product format and are supported for reading by GDAL. ASRP and USRP datasets are made of several files - typically a .GEN, .IMG, .SOU and .QAL file with a common basename. The .IMG file should be selected to access the dataset.

ASRP (in a geographic coordinate system) and USRP (in a UTM/UPS coordinate system) products are single band images with a palette and georeferencing.

the Transmission Header File (.THF) can also be used as an input to GDAL. If the THF references more than one image, GDAL will report the images it is composed of as subdatasets. If the THF references just one image, GDAL will open it directly.

NOTE: Implemented as srpdataset.cpp.

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