JAXA PALSAR Processed Products

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Driver built-in by default

This driver is built-in by default

This driver provides enhanced support for processed PALSAR products from the JAXA PALSAR processor. This encompasses products acquired from the following organizations:

  • JAXA (Japanese Aerospace eXploration Agency)

  • AADN (Alaska Satellite Facility)

  • ESA (European Space Agency)

This driver does not support products created using the Vexcel processor (i.e. products distributed by ERSDAC and affiliated organizations).

Support is provided for the following features of PALSAR products:

  • Reading Level 1.1 and 1.5 processed products

  • Georeferencing for Level 1.5 products

  • Basic metadata (sensor information, ground pixel spacing, etc.)

  • Multi-channel data (i.e. dual-polarization or fully polarimetric datasets)

This is a read-only driver.

To open a PALSAR product, select the volume directory file (for example, VOL-ALPSR000000000-P1.5_UA or VOL-ALPSR000000000-P1.1__A). The driver will then use the information contained in the volume directory file to find the various image files (the IMG-* files), as well as the Leader file. Note that the Leader file is essential for correct operation of the driver.

Driver capabilities

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)

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