Current Releases

Development Source

The main repository for GDAL is located on github at

You can obtain a copy of the active source code by issuing the following command

git clone

Build requirements

To build GDAL 3 or later, you need at a minimum a C++11 compatible compiler, and PROJ 6 or later. This will only give you a minimum build which will lack a lot of drivers. Consult Raster drivers and Vector drivers pages for additional optional dependencies.


In this section we list a number of the binary distributions of GDAL all of which should have fully reproducible open source build recipes.


Windows builds are available via Conda Forge (64-bit only). See the Conda section for more detailed information.


Debian packages are now available on Debian Unstable.


Conda can be used on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux) to install software packages and manage environments. Conda packages for GDAL are available at

Latest version: Conda badge

conda install [-c channel] [package...]
conda install -c conda-forge gdal

Linux Docker images

Images with nightly builds of GDAL master and tagged releases are available at Docker Hub

Information on the content of the different configurations can be found at