Raster programs

Multidimensional Raster programs

  • gdalmdiminfo: Reports structure and content of a multidimensional dataset.

  • gdalmdimtranslate: Converts multidimensional data between different formats, and perform subsetting.

Vector programs

  • Common options

  • ogrinfo: Lists information about an OGR-supported data source.

  • ogr2ogr: Converts simple features data between file formats.

  • ogrtindex: Creates a tileindex.

  • ogrlineref: Create linear reference and provide some calculations using it.

  • ogrmerge: Merge several vector datasets into a single one.

  • ogr_layer_algebra: Performs various Vector layer algebraic operations.

Geographic network programs

Other utilities

  • sozip: Generate a seek-optimized ZIP (SOZip) file