Creates a tileindex.


ogrtindex [--help] [--help-general]
          [-lnum <n>]... [-lname <name>]... [-f <output_format>]
          [-write_absolute_path] [-skip_different_projection]
          [-t_srs <target_srs>]
          [-src_srs_name <field_name>] [-src_srs_format {AUTO|WKT|EPSG|PROJ}]
          <output_dataset> <src_dataset> <src_dataset>...


ogrtindex program can be used to create a tileindex - a file containing a list of the identities of a bunch of other files along with their spatial extents. This is primarily intended to be used with MapServer for tiled access to layers using the OGR connection type.


Show this help message and exit


Gives a brief usage message for the generic GDAL commandline options and exit.

-lnum <n>

Add layer number n from each source file in the tile index.

-lname <name>

Add the layer named name from each source file in the tile index.

-f <output_format>

Select an output format name. The default is to create a shapefile.

-tileindex <field_name>

The name to use for the dataset name. Defaults to LOCATION.


Filenames are written with absolute paths


Only layers with same projection ref as layers already inserted in the tileindex will be inserted.

-t_srs <target_srs>

Extent of input files will be transformed to the desired target coordinate reference system. Using this option generates files that are not compatible with MapServer < 7.2. Default creates simple rectangular polygons in the same coordinate reference system as the input vector layers.

Added in version 2.2.0.

-src_srs_name <field_name>

The name of the field to store the SRS of each tile. This field name can be used as the value of the TILESRS keyword in MapServer >= 7.2.

Added in version 2.2.0.

-src_srs_format {AUTO|WKT|EPSG|PROJ}

The format in which the SRS of each tile must be written. Available formats are: AUTO, WKT, EPSG, PROJ.

Added in version 2.2.0.


By default ogrtindex checks that all layers inserted into the index have the same attribute schemas. If you specify this option, this test will be disabled. Be aware that resulting index may be incompatible with MapServer!

If no -lnum or -lname arguments are given it is assumed that all layers in source datasets should be added to the tile index as independent records.

If the tile index already exists it will be appended to, otherwise it will be created.


This example would create a shapefile (tindex.shp) containing a tile index of the BL2000_LINK layers in all the NTF files in the wrk directory:

ogrtindex tindex.shp wrk/*.NTF