Attach a color table from one file to another file.


gdalattachpct [--help] [--help-general]
                 [-of format] <palette_file> <source_file> <dest_file>


This utility will attach a color table file from an input raster file or a color table file to another raster.


gdalattachpct is a Python utility, and is only available if GDAL Python bindings are available.


Show this help message and exit


Gives a brief usage message for the generic GDAL commandline options and exit.

-of <format>

Select the output format. Starting with GDAL 2.3, if not specified, the format is guessed from the extension (previously was GTiff). Use the short format name.


Extract the color table from <palette_file>. The<palette_file> must be either a raster file in a GDAL supported format with a palette or a color file in a supported format (txt, qml, qlr).


The input file.


The output RGB file that will be created.