RPFTOC -- Raster Product Format/RPF (a.toc)

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This is a read-only reader for RPF products, like CADRG or CIB, that uses the table of content file - A.TOC - from a RPF exchange, and exposes it as a virtual dataset whose coverage is the set of frames contained in the table of content.

The driver will report a different subdataset for each subdataset found in the A.TOC file.

Result of a gdalinfo on a A.TOC file.

  SUBDATASET_1_DESC=CADRG:GNC:Global Navigation Chart:5M:1:1
  SUBDATASET_5_DESC=CADRG:GNC:Global Navigation Chart:5M:7:5
  SUBDATASET_6_DESC=CADRG:JNC:Jet Navigation Chart:2M:1:6
  SUBDATASET_13_DESC=CADRG:JNC:Jet Navigation Chart:2M:8:13

In some situations, NITF -- National Imagery Transmission Format tiles inside a subdataset don't share the same palettes. The RPFTOC driver will do its best to remap palettes to the reported palette by gdalinfo (which is the palette of the first tile of the subdataset). In situations where it would not give a good result, you can try to set the RPFTOC_FORCE_RGBA environment variable to TRUE before opening the subdataset. This will cause the driver to expose the subdataset as a RGBA dataset, instead of a paletted one.

It is possible to build external overviews for a subdataset. The overview for the first subdataset will be named A.TOC.1.ovr for example, for the second dataset it will be A.TOC.2.ovr, etc. Note that you must re-open the subdataset with the same setting of RPFTOC_FORCE_RGBA as the one you have used when you have created it. Do not use any method other than NEAREST resampling when building overviews on a paletted subdataset (RPFTOC_FORCE_RGBA unset)

A gdalinfo on one of this subdataset will return the various NITF metadata, as well as the list of the NITF tiles of the subdataset.

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NOTE: Implemented as rpftocdataset.cpp

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