JP2MrSID -- JPEG2000 via MrSID SDK

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JPEG2000 file format is supported for reading with the MrSID DSDK. It is also supported for writing with the MrSID ESDK.

JPEG2000 MrSID support is only available with the version 5.x or newer DSDK and ESDK.

Driver capabilities

Supports CreateCopy()

This driver supports the GDALDriver::CreateCopy() operation

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)


Georeferencing information can come from different sources : internal (GeoJP2 or GMLJP2 boxes), worldfile .j2w/.wld sidecar files, or PAM (Persistent Auxiliary metadata) .aux.xml sidecar files. By default, information is fetched in following order (first listed is the highest priority): PAM, GeoJP2, GMLJP2, WORLDFILE.

Starting with GDAL 2.2, the allowed sources and their priority order can be changed with the GDAL_GEOREF_SOURCES configuration option (or GEOREF_SOURCES open option) whose value is a comma-separated list of the following keywords : PAM, GEOJP2, GMLJP2, INTERNAL (shortcut for GEOJP2,GMLJP2), WORLDFILE, NONE. Earlier mentioned sources take priority over later ones. A non mentioned source will be ignored.

For example setting it to "WORLDFILE,PAM,INTERNAL" will make a geotransformation matrix from a potential worldfile priority over PAM or internal JP2 boxes. Setting it to "PAM,WORLDFILE,GEOJP2" will use the mentioned sources and ignore GMLJP2 boxes.

Open Options

Open options can be specified in command-line tools using the syntax -oo <NAME>=<VALUE> or by providing the appropriate arguments to GDALOpenEx() (C) or gdal.OpenEx (Python). The following open option is available:

  • GEOREF_SOURCES=value: Define which georeferencing sources are allowed and their priority order. See Georeferencing paragraph.

Creation Options

If you have the MrSID ESDK (5.x or newer), it can be used to write JPEG2000 files. Creation options can be specified in command-line tools using the syntax -co <NAME>=<VALUE> or by providing the appropriate arguments to GDALCreate() (C) or Driver.Create (Python). The following creation options are supported.

  • WORLDFILE=YES: to write an ESRI world file (with the extension .j2w).

  • COMPRESSION=value: Indicates the desired compression ratio. Zero indicates lossless compression. Twenty would indicate a 20:1 compression ratio (the image would be compressed to 1/20 its original size).

  • XMLPROFILE=<filename>: Indicates a path to an Extensis-specific XML profile that can be used to set JPEG2000 encoding parameters. They can be created using the MrSID ESDK, or with GeoExpress, or by hand using the following example as a template:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Jp2Profile version="1.0">
        <description>Extensis preferred settings (20051216)</description>
          0 0
          64 64
          256 256

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