DAAS (Airbus DS Intelligence Data As A Service driver)

Driver short name


New in version 3.0.

Build dependencies


This driver can connect to the Airbus DS Intelligence Data As A Service API. GDAL/OGR must be built with Curl support in order for the DAAS driver to be compiled.

Orthorectified (with geotransform) and raw (with RPCs) images are supported.

Overviews are supported.

The API is not publicly available but will be released soon. Further information will be found here: https://api.oneatlas.airbus.com/

Driver capabilities

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Dataset name syntax

The nominal syntax to open a datasource is :


A more minimal syntax can be used:


provided that the GET_METADATA_URL open option is filled.


Access to the API requires an authentication token. There are two methods supported:

  • Authentication with an API key and a client id. They must be provided respectively with the API_KEY open option (or GDAL_DAAS_API_KEY configuration option) and the CLIENT_ID open option (or GDAL_DAAS_CLIENT_ID configuration option). In that case, the driver will authenticate against the authentication endpoint to get an access token.

  • Directly providing the access token with the ACCESS_TOKEN open option (or GDAL_DAAS_ACCESS_TOKEN configuration option).

In both cases, the X_FORWARDED_USER open option (or GDAL_DAAS_X_FORWARDED_USER configuration option) can be specified to fill the HTTP X-Forwarded-User header in requests sent to the DAAS service endpoint with the user from which the request originates from.

See https://api.oneatlas.airbus.com/guides/g-authentication/ for further details

Configuration options

The following configuration options are available :

  • GDAL_DAAS_API_KEY=value: Equivalent of API_KEY open option.

  • GDAL_DAAS_CLIENT_ID=value: Equivalent of CLIENT_ID open option.

  • GDAL_DAAS_ACCESS_TOKEN=value: Equivalent of ACCESS_TOKEN open option.

  • GDAL_DAAS_X_FORWARDED_USER=value: Equivalent of X_FORWARDED_USER open option.

Open options

The following open options are available :

  • GET_METADATA_URL=value: URL to the GetImageMetadata endpoint. Required if not specified in the connection string.

  • API_KEY=value: API key for authentication. If specified, must be used together with the CLIENT_ID option. Can be specified also through the GDAL_DAAS_API_KEY configuration option.

  • CLIENT_ID=value: Client id for authentication. If specified, must be used together with the API_KEY option. Can be specified also through the GDAL_DAAS_CLIENT_ID configuration option.

  • ACCESS_TOKEN=value: Access token. Can be specified also through the GDAL_DAAS_ACCESS_TOKEN configuration option. Exclusive of API_KEY/CLIENT_ID.

  • X_FORWARDED_USER=value: User from which the request originates from. Can be specified also through the GDAL_DAAS_X_FORWARDED_USER configuration option.

  • BLOCK_SIZE=64-8192: Defaults to 512. Size of a block in pixels requested to the server.

  • PIXEL_ENCODING=[AUTO/RAW/PNG/JPEG/JPEG2000]: Defaults to AUTO. Format in which pixels are queried:

    • AUTO: for 1, 3 or 4-band images of type Byte, resolves to PNG. Otherwise to RAW

    • RAW: compatible of all images. Pixels are requested in a uncompressed raw format.

    • PNG: compatible of 1, 3 or 4-band images of type Byte

    • JPEG: compatible of 1 or 3-band images of type Byte

    • JPEG2000: compatible of all images. Requires GDAL to be built with one of its JPEG2000-capable drivers.

  • MASKS=[YES/NO]: Defaults to YES. Whether to expose mask bands.