IRIS -- Vaisala's weather radar software format

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This read-only GDAL driver is designed to provide access to the products generated by the IRIS weather radar software.

IRIS software format includes a lot of products, and some of them aren't even raster. The driver can read currently:

  • PPI (reflectivity and speed): Plan position indicator

  • CAPPI: Constant Altitude Plan position indicator

  • RAIN1: Hourly rainfall accumulation

  • RAINN: N-Hour rainfall accumulation

  • TOPS: Height for selectable dBZ contour

  • VIL: Vertically integrated liquid for selected layer

  • MAX: Column Max Z WF W/NS Sections

Most of the metadata is read.

Vaisala provides information about the format and software at

NOTE: Implemented as irisdataset.cpp.

Driver capabilities

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This driver supports georeferencing

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This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)