SAGA – SAGA GIS Binary Grid File Format

Driver short name


The driver supports both reading and writing (including create, delete, and copy) SAGA GIS binary grids. SAGA binary grid datasets are made of an ASCII header (.SGRD) and a binary data (.SDAT) file with a common basename. The .SDAT file should be selected to access the dataset. Starting with GDAL 2.3, the driver can read compressed .sg-grd-z files that are ZIP archives with .sgrd, .sdat and .prj files.

The driver supports reading the following SAGA datatypes (in brackets the corresponding GDAL types): BIT (GDT_Byte), BYTE_UNSIGNED (GDT_Byte), BYTE (GDT_Byte), SHORTINT_UNSIGNED (GDT_UInt16), SHORTINT (GDT_Int16), INTEGER_UNSIGNED (GDT_UInt32), INTEGER (GDT_Int32), FLOAT (GDT_Float32) and DOUBLE (GDT_Float64).

The driver supports writing the following SAGA datatypes: BYTE_UNSIGNED (GDT_Byte), SHORTINT_UNSIGNED (GDT_UInt16), SHORTINT (GDT_Int16), INTEGER_UNSIGNED (GDT_UInt32), INTEGER (GDT_Int32), FLOAT (GDT_Float32) and DOUBLE (GDT_Float64).

Currently the driver does not support zFactors other than 1 and reading SAGA grids which are written TOPTOBOTTOM.

NOTE: Implemented as gdal/frmts/saga/sagadataset.cpp.

Driver capabilities

Supports CreateCopy()

This driver supports the GDALDriver::CreateCopy() operation

Supports Create()

This driver supports the GDALDriver::Create() operation

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)