Storage and eXchange Format - SXF

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Driver built-in by default

This driver is built-in by default

This driver reads SXF files, open format often associated with Russian GIS Software Panorama.

The driver is read only, but supports deletion of data source. The driver supports SXF binary files version 3.0 and higher.

The SXF layer support the following capabilities:

  • Strings as UTF8

  • Random Read

  • Fast Feature Count

  • Fast Get Extent

  • Fast Set Next By Index

The driver uses classifiers (RSC files) to map feature from SXF to layers. Features that do not belong to any layer are put to the layer named "Not_Classified". The layers with zero features are not present in data source.

To be used automatically, the RSC file should have the same name as SXF file. User can provide RSC file path using config option SXF_RSC_FILENAME. This config option overrides the use of same name RSC.

The RSC file usually stores long and short layer name. The long name is usually in Russian, and short in English. The SXF_LAYER_FULLNAME config option allows choosing which layer names to use. If SXF_LAYER_FULLNAME is TRUE - the driver uses long names, if FALSE - short.

The attributes are read from SXF file. Maximum number of fields is created for the same layer features with different number of attributes. If attribute has a code mapped to RSC file, driver adds only the code (don't get real value from RSC, as the value type may differ from field type).

If config option SXF_SET_VERTCS set to ON, the layers spatial reference will include vertical coordinate system description if exist.

Since GDAL 3.1 config options can be passed as driver open options.

Driver capabilities

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)

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