OGC API - Features

Added in version 2.3.

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This driver can connect to a OGC API - Features service. It assumes that the service supports OpenAPI 3.0/JSON/GeoJSON encoding for respectively API description, feature collection metadata and feature collection data.


In versions prior to GDAL 3.1, this driver was called the WFS3 driver, and only supported draft versions of the specification.

Driver capabilities

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Dataset name syntax

The syntax to open a OGC API - Features datasource is : OAPIF:http://path/to/OAPIF/endpoint

where endpoint is the landing page or a the path to collections/{id}.

Layer schema

OGR needs a fixed schema per layer, but OGC API - Features Core doesn't impose fixed schema. The driver will use the XML schema or JSON schema pointed by the "describedby" relationship of a collection, if it exists. The driver will also retrieve the first page of features (using the selected page) and establish a schema from this.


The driver will forward any spatial filter set with SetSpatialFilter() to the server. In OGC API - Features Core, only a subset of attributes allowed by the server can be queried for equalities, potentially combined with a AND logical operator. More complex requests will be partly or completely evaluated on client-side.

Rectangular spatial filtering is forward to the server as well.

CRS support

Starting with GDAL 3.7, the driver supports the OGC API - Features - Part 2: Coordinate Reference Systems by Reference extension. If a server reports a storageCRS property, that property will be used to set the CRS of the OGR layer. Otherwise the default will be OGC:CRS84 (WGS84 longitude, latitude). As most all OGR drivers, the OAPIF driver will report the SRS and geometries, and expect spatial filters, in the "GIS-friendly" order, with longitude/easting first (X component), latitude/northing second (Y component), potentially overriding the axis order of the authority.

The CRS of layers can also be controlled with the CRS or PREFERRED_CRS open options documented below.

Open options

Open options can be specified in command-line tools using the syntax -oo <NAME>=<VALUE> or by providing the appropriate arguments to GDALOpenEx() (C) or gdal.OpenEx (Python). The following open options are available:

  • URL=value: URL to the OGC API - Features server landing page, or to a given collection. Required when using the "OAPIF:" string as the connection string.

  • PAGE_SIZE=<integer>: Defaults to 1000. Number of features to retrieve per request. Minimum is 1. If not set, an attempt to determine the maximum allowed size will be done by examining the API schema.

  • INITIAL_REQUEST_PAGE_SIZE=<integer>: Defaults to 20. Number of features to retrieve during the initial request done in order to retrieve information about the features. Minimum is 1. Maximum is the value of the PAGE_SIZE option. If not set the default (20) will be used.

  • USERPWD=value: May be supplied with userid:password to pass a userid and password to the remote server.


    Set to YES to ignore the XML Schema or JSON schema that may be offered by the server.

  • CRS=value: (GDAL >= 3.7) Set to a CRS identifier, e.g EPSG:3067 or http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/3067, to use as the layer CRS. That CRS must be listed in the lists of CRS supported by the layers of the dataset, otherwise layers not listing it cannot be opened.

  • PREFERRED_CRS=value: (GDAL >= 3.7) Identical to the CRS option, except that if a layer does not list the PREFERRED_CRS in its list of supported CRS, the default CRS (storageCRS when present, otherwise EPSG:4326) will be used. CRS and PREFERRED_CRS option are mutually exclusive.

  • SERVER_FEATURE_AXIS_ORDER=[AUTHORITY_COMPLIANT/GIS_FRIENDLY]: Defaults to AUTHORITY_COMPLIANT. This option can be set to GIS_FRIENDLY if axis order issue are noticed in features received from the server, indicating that the server does not return them in the axis order mandated by the CRS authority, but in a more traditional "GIS friendly" order, with longitude/easting first, latitude/northing second. Do not set this option unless actual problems arise.


  • Listing the types of a OGC API - Features server :

    $ ogrinfo OAPIF:https://www.ldproxy.nrw.de/rest/services/kataster
    INFO: Open of `OAPIF:https://www.ldproxy.nrw.de/rest/services/kataster'
          using driver `OAPIF' successful.
    1: flurstueck (Multi Polygon)
    2: gebaeudebauwerk (Multi Polygon)
    3: verwaltungseinheit (Multi Polygon)
  • Listing the summary information of a OGC API - Features layer :

    $ ogrinfo -al -so OAPIF:https://www.ldproxy.nrw.de/rest/services/kataster flurstueck
    Layer name: flurstueck
    Geometry: Multi Polygon
    Feature Count: 9308456
    Extent: (5.612726, 50.237351) - (9.589634, 52.528630)
    Layer SRS WKT:
    GEOGCS["WGS 84",
            SPHEROID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563,
    id: String (0.0)
    aktualit: Date (0.0)
    flaeche: Real (0.0)
    flstkennz: String (0.0)
    land: String (0.0)
    gemarkung: String (0.0)
    flur: String (0.0)
    flurstnr: String (0.0)
    gmdschl: String (0.0)
    regbezirk: String (0.0)
    kreis: String (0.0)
    gemeinde: String (0.0)
    lagebeztxt: String (0.0)
    tntxt: String (0.0)
  • Filtering on a property (depending on if the server exposes filtering capabilities of the properties, part or totally of the filter might be evaluated on client side)

    $ ogrinfo OAPIF:https://www.ldproxy.nrw.de/rest/services/kataster flurstueck -al -q -where "flur = '028'"
    Layer name: flurstueck
      id (String) = DENW19AL0000geMFFL
      aktualit (Date) = 2017/04/26
      flaeche (Real) = 1739
      flstkennz (String) = 05297001600193______
      land (String) = Nordrhein-Westfalen
      gemarkung (String) = Wünnenberg
      flur (String) = 016
      flurstnr (String) = 193
      gmdschl (String) = 05774040
      regbezirk (String) = Detmold
      kreis (String) = Paderborn
      gemeinde (String) = Bad Wünnenberg
      lagebeztxt (String) = Bleiwäscher Straße
      tntxt (String) = Platz / Parkplatz;1739
      MULTIPOLYGON (((8.71191 51.491084,8.7123 51.491067,8.712385 51.491645,8.712014 51.491666,8.711993 51.491603,8.71196 51.491396,8.711953 51.491352,8.71191 51.491084)))
  • Spatial filtering

    $ ogrinfo OAPIF:https://www.ldproxy.nrw.de/rest/services/kataster flurstueck -al -q -spat 8.7 51.4 8.8 51.5
    Layer name: flurstueck
      id (String) = DENW19AL0000ht7LFL
      aktualit (Date) = 2013/02/19
      flaeche (Real) = 18
      flstkennz (String) = 05292602900206______
      land (String) = Nordrhein-Westfalen
      gemarkung (String) = Fürstenberg
      flur (String) = 029
      flurstnr (String) = 206
      gmdschl (String) = 05774040
      regbezirk (String) = Detmold
      kreis (String) = Paderborn
      gemeinde (String) = Bad Wünnenberg
      lagebeztxt (String) = Karpke
      tntxt (String) = Fließgewässer / Bach;18
      MULTIPOLYGON (((8.768521 51.494915,8.768535 51.494882,8.768569 51.494908,8.768563 51.494925,8.768521 51.494915)))

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