ESRIJSON / FeatureService driver

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Driver built-in by default

This driver is built-in by default

(Note: prior to GDAL 2.3, the functionality of this driver was available in the GeoJSON driver. They are now distinct drivers)

This driver can read the JSON output of Feature Service requests following the GeoServices REST Specification, like implemented by ArcGIS Server REST API. The driver can scroll through such result sets that are spread over multiple pages (for ArcGIS servers >= 10.3). This is automatically enabled if URL does not contain an explicit resultOffset parameter. If it contains this parameter and scrolling is still desired, the FEATURE_SERVER_PAGING open option must be set to YES. The page size can be explicitly set with the resultRecordCount parameter (but is subject to a server limit). If it is not set, OGR will set it to the maximum value allowed by the server.

Note: for paged requests to work properly, it is generally necessary to add a sort clause on a field, typically the OBJECTID with a "&orderByFields=OBJECTID+ASC" parameter in the URL, so that the server returns the results in a reliable way.

Driver capabilities

Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)


The driver accepts three types of sources of data:

  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) - a Web address to perform HTTP request.

  • Plain text file with ESRIJSON data - identified from the file extension .json

  • Text passed directly and encoded in ESRI JSON

Starting with GDAL 2.3, the URL/filename/text might be prefixed with ESRIJSON: to avoid any ambiguity with other drivers. Alternatively, starting with GDAL 3.10, specifying the -if ESRIJSON option to command line utilities accepting it, or ESRIJSON as the only value of the papszAllowedDrivers of GDALOpenEx(), also forces the driver to recognize the passed URL/filename/text.

Open options

Open options can be specified in command-line tools using the syntax -oo <NAME>=<VALUE> or by providing the appropriate arguments to GDALOpenEx() (C) or gdal.OpenEx (Python). The following open options are supported:

  • FEATURE_SERVER_PAGING=[YES/NO]: Whether to automatically scroll through results with a ArcGIS Feature Service endpoint. Has only effect for ArcGIS servers >= 10.3 and layers with supportsPagination=true capability.


Read the result of a FeatureService request against a GeoServices REST server (note that this server does not support paging):

ogrinfo -ro -al ""

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