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SDTS TVP (Topological Vector Profile) and Point Profile datasets are supported for read access. Each primary attribute, node (point), line and polygon module is treated as a distinct layer.

To select an SDTS transfer, the name of the catalog file should be used. For instance TR01CATD.DDF where the first four characters are all that typically varies.

SDTS coordinate system information is properly supported for most coordinate systems defined in SDTS.

There is no update or creation support in the SDTS driver.

Note that in TVP datasets the polygon geometry is formed from the geometry in the line modules. Primary attribute module attributes should be properly attached to their related node, line or polygon features, but can be accessed separately as their own layers.

This driver has no support for raster (DEM) SDTS datasets.

Driver capabilities

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This driver supports georeferencing

Supports VirtualIO

This driver supports virtual I/O operations (/vsimem/, etc.)

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