Automated testing

GDAL includes a comprehensive test suite, implemented using a combination of Python (via pytest) and C++ (via gtest).

After building GDAL using CMake, the complete test suite can be run using ctest -v --output-on-failure. This will automatically set environment variables so that tests are run on the the built version of GDAL, rather than an installed system copy.

Running a subset of tests using ctest

The complete set of test suites known to ctest can be viewed running ctest -N.

A subset of tests can be run using the -R argument to ctest, which selects tests using a provided regular expression. For example, ctest -R autotest would run the Python-based tests.

The -E argument can be used to exclude tests using a regular expression. For example, ctest -E gdrivers would exclude the suite of driver tests.

Running a subset of tests using pytest

The test subsets exposed by ctest are still rather large and some may take several minutes to run. If a higher level of specificity is needed, pytest can be called directly to run groups of tests or individual tests. Before running pytest, it is important to set environment variables so that the development build of GDAL is tested, rather than a system version. This can be done by sourcing the following from the build directory:

. ../scripts/

(with adjustments to the above path if the build directory is not a subdirectory of the GDAL source root). To verify that environment variables were set correctly, you can check the version of a GDAL binary:

gdalinfo --version
# GDAL 3.7.0dev-5327c149f5-dirty, released 2018/99/99 (debug build)

and the Python bindings:

python3 -c 'from osgeo import gdal; print(gdal.__version__)'
# 3.7.0dev-5327c149f5-dirty

List tests containing “tiff” in the name:

pytest --collect-only autotest -k tiff

Running an individual test file

pytest autotest/gcore/

Running an individual test

pytest autotest/gcore/ -k test_vrt_read_non_existing_source


Not all Python tests can be run independently; some tests depend on state set by a previous tests in the same file.