GDAL Service Providers

GDAL is developed and supported by a rich ecosystem of businesses and individuals around the world.

In this page we provide a list of service providers who can assist you in getting the best out of your GDAL investment. Their services can range from training and technical support to help you get started, all the way to specialized development and support services to advance the software and support your organization's mission-critical applications.


This list is non-exhaustive, and there are quite likely other service providers in your region of the world who are not listed here. If you think your organization should be listed here, please submit a pull request to add it to this page.


We take responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the provided information for Core Contributors only.


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Core Contributors

Core Contributor organizations have GDAL Committers and/or PSC members as part of their team and as such they are the closest to the core development of the software and are usually the best to go to for support.

They are close enough to the architecture to know what is possible, and to ensure that any improvement to be made to GDAL gets done in the right way and will be included in future releases of the software.

They wrote the software that you use, so you can trust them to help you get the most out of it.


Spatialys (France) is a company founded by Even Rouault that is dedicated to providing to its clients the best of its expertise around Open Source geospatial software - such as GDAL/OGR, PROJ, MapServer, and QGIS - and Open standards.


Hobu, Inc. (United States) is a company founded by Howard Butler with more than twenty years experience supporting the creation, enhancement, and management of geospatial open source geospatial software such as PDAL, GDAL/OGR, PROJ, and open standards such as GeoJSON, PROJJSON, and Cloud Optimized Point Cloud.


The Contributors listed here usually have power users and experienced integrators as part of their team who are recognized in the GDAL community for their contributions to various aspects of the software over the years and are very well positioned to assist you with GDAL.

None listed yet.

Other Service Providers

The service providers in this category offer services around GDAL and related Open Source technologies.


Faunalia (Italy) is a company that operates since more than 15 years in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based on free and open source software (chiefly QGIS, PostGIS, and more). Our main customers are public administrations, private companies, associations. Faunalia has its main branch in Italy, and operates worldwide. Faunalia provides training services on GDAL.


Kartoza (South Africa) is a South Africa-based Free and Open Source GIS (FOSSGIS) service provider. We use GIS software to solve complex location-related problems for individuals, businesses and governments around the world. Kartoza provides training services on GDAL.


mundialis (Germany) is specialized in the processing of massive geospatial and remote sensing data. Our services centered on the Open Source geospatial systems GRASS GIS, actinia and QGIS are incorporated into our process chains, projects and tailored solutions. We analyse satellite, aerial and drone imagery for land degradation and landuse change. We offer support and training for GRASS GIS and GDAL.

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How to Add a Company

The steps to add a company to the service providers list are outlined in the RFC 79: Listing of Service Providers on GDAL website document.