C# Bindings Conda Package


GDAL with the C# bindings and example applications can be loaded using

conda install -c conda-forge gdal-csharp


On Mac and Linux, this command will also load Mono

Usage - Windows


You can test if the C# bindings are working in a Conda environment by running %CONDA_PREFIX%\Library\bin\gcs\gdal_test.

The DLLs are loaded into the %CONDA_PREFIX%\Library\bin folder, as is normal for a Conda environment.

The C# sample .EXEs are loaded into %CONDA_PREFIX%\Library\bin\gcs, because otherwise they over write the standard GDAL tools.

To run a sample application - eg GDALinfo.exe - add %CONDA_PREFIX%\Library\bin\gcs to the path and just run gdalinfo.

To link the DLLs into your code, you will need to include the DLLs into the project (which will almost certainly mean copying them to the project directory).

For a console app that is run from within the Conda environment (i.e. run conda activate) then they should work once compiled.

For GUI apps or other apps that cannot be run from with the Conda environment then you will have to setup the environment to make the GDAL DLLs available to the app.

Usage - Mac / Linux


You test if the C# bindings are working in a Conda environment by running mono $CONDA_PREFIX/lib/gdal_test.exe

The shared objects (i.e. *.so / *.dylib), the .EXE and .DLL files are all loaded into the $CONDA_PREFIX/lib folder (not the bin folder as you might expect). This is in line with the Mono documentation.

To run one of the sample applications (e.g. GDALinfo.exe), run mono $CONDA_PREFIX/lib/GDALinfo.exe.

To build a console app in Mono, you can do this in a conda environment simple using a command similar to this (changing the source name to your own):

msc /r:gdal_csharp.dll /r:ogr_csharp.dll /r:osr_csharp.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll /out:gdal_test.exe gdal_test.cs

If the compiled executable is run in the conda environment, this should work. For something more portable or a GUI app, then you have to work out the dependencies your self.

The DLLs can also be used in a .NET project, for instance built in VS. Just link the DLLs in as dependencies.

Differences in the Conda build

The Conda build is in some ways different from the “standard” GDAL build:

  • On Mac and Linux, the SWIG files are built as *_wrap in line with the windows versions. This means that there are no .config files. Most importantly, this means that the DLLs can be used in .NET and Unity projects as well as Mono.

  • On Windows, the sample apps are built in .NET5 and not .NET CORE 2.1.