Package org.gdal.gdal

Class ColorTable

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ColorTable extends Object implements Cloneable
Class ColorTable represents a color table / palette.

The ColorTable class is a binding for the C++ GDALColorTable class.

  • Constructor Details

    • ColorTable

      public ColorTable(int ePaletteInterpretation)
      Construct a new color table.
    • ColorTable

      public ColorTable()
      Construct a new color table.

      Same as below with ePaletteInterpretation == gdalconst.GPI_RGB

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  • Method Details

    • delete

      public void delete()
    • clone

      public Object clone()
      Make a copy of a color table.
    • getIndexColorModel

      public IndexColorModel getIndexColorModel(int bits)
    • Clone

      public ColorTable Clone()
      Make a copy of a color table.
    • GetPaletteInterpretation

      public int GetPaletteInterpretation()
      Fetch palette interpretation.

      The returned value is used to interpret the values in the GDALColorEntry.

      palette interpretation enumeration value, usually gdalconst.GPI_RGB.
    • GetCount

      public int GetCount()
      Get number of color entries in table.
      the number of color entries.
    • GetColorEntry

      public Color GetColorEntry(int entry)
      Fetch a color entry from table.
      entry - entry offset from zero to GetCount()-1.
      color entry, or null if index is out of range.
    • SetColorEntry

      public void SetColorEntry(int entry, Color centry)
      Set entry in color table.

      The passed in entry must match the color interpretation of the table to which it is being assigned.

      The table is grown as needed to hold the supplied offset.

      entry - entry offset from zero to GetCount()-1.
      centry - value to assign to table.
    • CreateColorRamp

      public void CreateColorRamp(int nStartIndex, Color startcolor, int nEndIndex, Color endcolor)
      Create color ramp.

      Automatically creates a color ramp from one color entry to another. It can be called several times to create multiples ramps in the same color table.

      nStartIndex - index to start the ramp on the color table [0..255]
      startcolor - a color value to start the ramp
      nEndIndex - index to end the ramp on the color table [0..255]
      endcolor - a color value to end the ramp