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gdal_priv.h File Reference

C++ GDAL entry points. More...

#include "gdal.h"
#include "gdal_frmts.h"
#include "gdalsubdatasetinfo.h"
#include "cpl_vsi.h"
#include "cpl_conv.h"
#include "cpl_string.h"
#include "cpl_minixml.h"
#include "cpl_multiproc.h"
#include "cpl_atomic_ops.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstdint>
#include <iterator>
#include <limits>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "ogr_core.h"
#include "ogr_feature.h"

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class  GDALMajorObject
 Object with metadata. More...
class  GDALOpenInfo
 Class for dataset open functions. More...
class  GDALDataset
 A set of associated raster bands, usually from one file. More...
class  GDALDataset::Bands
 Class returned by GetBands() that act as a container for raster bands. More...
struct  GDALDataset::FeatureLayerPair
 Object returned by GetFeatures() iterators. More...
class  GDALDataset::Layers
 Class returned by GetLayers() that acts as a range of layers. More...
class  GDALDataset::Layers::Iterator
 Layer iterator. More...
class  GDALDataset::Features
 Class returned by GetFeatures() that act as a container for vector features. More...
class  GDALRasterBlock
 A single raster block in the block cache. More...
class  GDALColorTable
 A color table / palette. More...
class  GDALRasterBand
 A single raster band (or channel). More...
class  GDALDriver
 Format specific driver. More...
class  GDALPluginDriverProxy
 Proxy for a plugin driver. More...
class  GDALDriverManager
 Class for managing the registration of file format drivers. More...
class  GDALAsyncReader
 Class used as a session object for asynchronous requests. More...
class  GDALExtendedDataType
 Class used to represent potentially complex data types. More...
class  GDALEDTComponent
 Class for a component of a compound extended data type. More...
class  GDALIHasAttribute
 Interface used to get a single GDALAttribute or a set of GDALAttribute. More...
class  GDALGroup
 Class modeling a named container of GDALAttribute, GDALMDArray, OGRLayer or other GDALGroup. More...
class  GDALAbstractMDArray
 Abstract class, implemented by GDALAttribute and GDALMDArray. More...
class  GDALRawResult
 Store the raw result of an attribute value, which might contain dynamically allocated structures (like pointer to strings). More...
class  GDALAttribute
 Class modeling an attribute that has a name, a value and a type, and is typically used to describe a metadata item. More...
class  GDALMDArray
 Class modeling a multi-dimensional array. More...
class  GDALDimension
 Class modeling a a dimension / axis used to index multidimensional arrays. More...
class  GDALRelationship
 Definition of a table relationship. More...


using GDALDatasetUniquePtr = std::unique_ptr< GDALDataset, GDALDatasetUniquePtrDeleter >
 Unique pointer type for GDALDataset.
typedef int GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern
 Suggested/most efficient access pattern to blocks.


enum  GDALMaskValueRange { GMVR_UNKNOWN , GMVR_0_AND_1_ONLY , GMVR_0_AND_255_ONLY }
 Range of values found in a mask band. More...
 Enumeration used by GDALDriver::pfnIdentify(). More...


GDALDriverManagerGetGDALDriverManager (void)
 Fetch the global GDAL driver manager.


constexpr GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern GSBAP_UNKNOWN = 0
 Unknown, or no particular read order is suggested.
constexpr GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern GSBAP_RANDOM = 1
 Random access to blocks is efficient.
constexpr GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern GSBAP_TOP_TO_BOTTOM = 2
 Reading by strips from top to bottom is the most efficient.
constexpr GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern GSBAP_BOTTOM_TO_TOP = 3
 Reading by strips from bottom to top is the most efficient.
constexpr GDALSuggestedBlockAccessPattern GSBAP_LARGEST_CHUNK_POSSIBLE = 0x100
 Reading the largest chunk from the raster is the most efficient (can be combined with above values).

Detailed Description

C++ GDAL entry points.

Typedef Documentation

◆ GDALDatasetUniquePtr

using GDALDatasetUniquePtr = std::unique_ptr<GDALDataset, GDALDatasetUniquePtrDeleter>

Unique pointer type for GDALDataset.

Appropriate for use on datasets open in non-shared mode and onto which reference counter has not been manually modified.

GDAL 2.3

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ GDALIdentifyEnum

Enumeration used by GDALDriver::pfnIdentify().

GDAL 2.1

Identify could not determine if the file is recognized or not by the probed driver.


Identify determined the file is not recognized by the probed driver.


Identify determined the file is recognized by the probed driver.

◆ GDALMaskValueRange

Range of values found in a mask band.


Unknown (can also be used for any values between 0 and 255 for a Byte band)


Only 0 and 1

Function Documentation

◆ GetGDALDriverManager()

GDALDriverManager * GetGDALDriverManager ( void  )

Fetch the global GDAL driver manager.

This function fetches the pointer to the singleton global driver manager. If the driver manager doesn't exist it is automatically created.

pointer to the global driver manager. This should not be able to fail.