Deprecated List
Member CPL_LSBINT16PTR (x)
Use rather CPL_LSBSINT16PTR or CPL_LSBUINT16PTR for explicit signedness.
Member CPL_LSBINT32PTR (x)
Use rather CPL_LSBSINT32PTR or CPL_LSBUINT32PTR for explicit signedness.
Member GDALApplyVerticalShiftGrid (GDALDatasetH hSrcDataset, GDALDatasetH hGridDataset, int bInverse, double dfSrcUnitToMeter, double dfDstUnitToMeter, const char *const *papszOptions)
GDAL 3.4. Will be removed in GDAL 4.0. This function was used by gdalwarp initially, but is no longer needed.
Member GDALDataset::GetSummaryRefCount () const
Member GDALDataset::Release ()
. In GDAL 2, use GDALClose() instead
Member GDALOpenVerticalShiftGrid (const char *pszProj4Geoidgrids, int *pbError)
GDAL 3.4. Will be removed in GDAL 4.0. This function was used by gdalwarp initially, but is no longer needed.
Member OGR_Dr_CopyDataSource (OGRSFDriverH, OGRDataSourceH, const char *, char **)
Use GDALCreateCopy() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_Dr_CreateDataSource (OGRSFDriverH, const char *, char **)
Use GDALCreate() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_Dr_DeleteDataSource (OGRSFDriverH, const char *)
Use GDALDeleteDataset() in GDAL 2
Member OGR_Dr_Open (OGRSFDriverH, const char *, int)
Use GDALOpenEx() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_Dr_TestCapability (OGRSFDriverH, const char *)
Use GDALGetMetadataItem(hDriver, GDAL_DCAP_CREATE) in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_CopyLayer (OGRDataSourceH, OGRLayerH, const char *, char **)
Use GDALDatasetCopyLayer() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_CreateLayer (OGRDataSourceH, const char *, OGRSpatialReferenceH, OGRwkbGeometryType, char **)
Use GDALDatasetCreateLayer() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_DeleteLayer (OGRDataSourceH, int)
Use GDALDatasetDeleteLayer() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_Destroy (OGRDataSourceH)
Use GDALClose() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_ExecuteSQL (OGRDataSourceH, const char *, OGRGeometryH, const char *)
Use GDALDatasetExecuteSQL() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_GetDriver (OGRDataSourceH)
Use GDALGetDatasetDriver() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_GetLayer (OGRDataSourceH, int)
Use GDALDatasetGetLayer() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_GetLayerByName (OGRDataSourceH, const char *)
Use GDALDatasetGetLayerByName() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_GetLayerCount (OGRDataSourceH)
Use GDALDatasetGetLayerCount() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_GetName (OGRDataSourceH)
Use GDALGetDescription() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_ReleaseResultSet (OGRDataSourceH, OGRLayerH)
Use GDALDatasetReleaseResultSet() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_DS_TestCapability (OGRDataSourceH, const char *)
Use GDALDatasetTestCapability() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGR_G_GetCoordinateDimension (OGRGeometryH)
use OGR_G_CoordinateDimension(), OGR_G_Is3D(), or OGR_G_IsMeasured().
Member OGR_G_SetCoordinateDimension (OGRGeometryH, int)
use OGR_G_Set3D() or OGR_G_SetMeasured().
Member OGR_SRSNode::importFromWkt (char **)
GDAL 2.3. Use importFromWkt(const char**) instead.
Class OGRDataSource
Member OGRGeometry::getCoordinateDimension () const
use CoordinateDimension().
Member OGRGeometry::importFromWkt (char **ppszInput)
in GDAL 2.3
Member OGRGeometry::setCoordinateDimension (int nDimension)
use set3D() or setMeasured().
Member OGRGeometryFactory::createFromWkt (char **ppszInput, OGRSpatialReference *poSRS, OGRGeometry **ppoGeom)
in GDAL 2.3
Member OGRGetDriver (int)
Use GDALGetDriver() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGRGetDriverByName (const char *)
Use GDALGetDriverByName() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGRGetDriverCount (void)
Use GDALGetDriverCount() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGROpen (const char *, int, OGRSFDriverH *)
Use GDALOpenEx() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGROpenShared (const char *, int, OGRSFDriverH *)
Use GDALOpenEx() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGRRegisterAll (void)
Use GDALAllRegister() in GDAL 2.0
Member OGRReleaseDataSource (OGRDataSourceH)
Use GDALClose() in GDAL 2.0
Class OGRSFDriver
Class OGRSFDriverRegistrar
Member OGRSpatialReference::GetAngularUnits (const char **=nullptr) const
GDAL 2.3.0. Use GetAngularUnits(const char**) const.
Member OGRSpatialReference::GetLinearUnits (char **) const
GDAL 2.3.0. Use GetLinearUnits(const char**) const.
Member OGRSpatialReference::GetPrimeMeridian (const char **=nullptr) const
GDAL 2.3.0. Use GetPrimeMeridian(const char**) const.
Member OGRSpatialReference::GetTargetLinearUnits (const char *pszTargetKey, const char **ppszRetName=nullptr) const
GDAL 2.3.0. Use GetTargetLinearUnits(const char*, const char**) const.
Member OGRSpatialReference::importFromWkt (char **)
GDAL 2.3. Use importFromWkt(const char**) or importFromWkt(const char*)
Member OGRSpatialReference::morphFromESRI ()
Member OGRSpatialReference::morphToESRI ()
Member OGRSpatialReference::~OGRSpatialReference ()
Member wkb25DBit
in GDAL 2.0. Use wkbHasZ() or wkbSetZ() instead