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OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions Struct Reference

Context for coordinate transformation. More...

#include <ogr_spatialref.h>

Public Member Functions

 OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions ()
 Constructs a new OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions. More...
 ~OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions ()
 Destroys a OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions. More...
bool SetAreaOfInterest (double dfWestLongitudeDeg, double dfSouthLatitudeDeg, double dfEastLongitudeDeg, double dfNorthLatitudeDeg)
 Sets an area of interest. More...
bool SetCoordinateOperation (const char *pszCT, bool bReverseCT)
 Sets a coordinate operation. More...


class OGRProjCT

Detailed Description

Context for coordinate transformation.

GDAL 2.5

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions::OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions ( )

Constructs a new OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions.

GDAL 2.5
OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions::~OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions ( )

Destroys a OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions.

GDAL 2.5

Member Function Documentation

bool OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions::SetAreaOfInterest ( double  dfWestLongitudeDeg,
double  dfSouthLatitudeDeg,
double  dfEastLongitudeDeg,
double  dfNorthLatitudeDeg 

Sets an area of interest.

The west longitude is generally lower than the east longitude, except for areas of interest that go accross the anti-meridian.

dfWestLongitudeDegWest longitude (in degree). Must be in [-180,180]
dfSouthLatitudeDegSouth latitude (in degree). Must be in [-90,90]
dfEastLongitudeDegEast longitude (in degree). Must be in [-180,180]
dfNorthLatitudeDegNorth latitude (in degree). Must be in [-90,90]
true in case of success.
GDAL 2.5
bool OGRCoordinateTransformationOptions::SetCoordinateOperation ( const char *  pszCO,
bool  bReverseCO 

Sets a coordinate operation.

This is a user override to be used instead of the normally computed pipeline.

The pipeline must take into account the axis order of the source and target SRS.

The pipeline may be provided as a PROJ string (single step operation or multiple step string starting with +proj=pipeline), or a WKT2 string describing a CoordinateOperation.

pszCOPROJ or WKT string describing a coordinate operation
bReverseCOWhether the PROJ or WKT string should be evaluated in the reverse path
true in case of success.
GDAL 2.5

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