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Module gdal_retile

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Classes [hide private]
A class providing some useful methods for affine Transformations
A class for caching source tiles
A class holding info how to tile
A class holding information about a GDAL file or a GDAL fileset
Functions [hide private]
progress(*args, **kwargs)
TermProgress_nocb(double dfProgress, char const * pszMessage=None, void * pData=None) -> int
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getTileIndexFromFiles(g) source code
getTargetDir(g, level=-1) source code
tileImage(g, minfo, ti)
Tile image in mosaicinfo minfo based on tileinfo ti
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copyTileIndexToDisk(g, OGRDS, fileName) source code
copyTileIndexToCSV(g, OGRDS, fileName) source code
createPyramidTile(g, levelMosaicInfo, offsetX, offsetY, width, height, tileName, OGRDS, feature_only) source code
createTile(g, minfo, offsetX, offsetY, width, height, tilename, OGRDS, feature_only)
Create tile
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createTileIndex(Verbose, dsName, fieldName, srs, driverName) source code
addFeature(TileIndexFieldName, OGRDataSource, location, xlist, ylist) source code
closeTileIndex(OGRDataSource) source code
buildPyramid(g, minfo, createdTileIndexDS, tileWidth, tileHeight, overlap) source code
buildPyramidLevel(g, levelMosaicInfo, levelOutputTileInfo, level) source code
getTileName(g, minfo, ti, xIndex, yIndex, level=-1)
creates the tile file name
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UsageFormat() source code
Usage() source code
main(args=None, g=None) source code
Function Details [hide private]

tileImage(g, minfo, ti)

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Tile image in mosaicinfo minfo based on tileinfo ti

returns list of created tiles