Interface gdalconstConstants

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    public interface gdalconstConstants
    Various constants used by the org.gdal.gdal package.

    These constants correspond to different enumerations : error codes, XML content type, metadata, palette interpretation, color interpretation, data type, raster color table attribute type, band mask flags, resampling methods...

    • Field Detail

      • GDT_Unknown

        static final int GDT_Unknown
        GDT_Unknown(0) : Unknown (data type)
      • GDT_Byte

        static final int GDT_Byte
        GDT_Byte(1) : Eight bit unsigned integer (data type)
      • GDT_UInt16

        static final int GDT_UInt16
        GDT_UInt16(2) : Sixteen bit unsigned integer (data type)
      • GDT_Int16

        static final int GDT_Int16
        GDT_Int16(3) : Sixteen bit signed integer (data type)
      • GDT_UInt32

        static final int GDT_UInt32
        GDT_UInt32(4) : Thirty two bit unsigned integer (data type)
      • GDT_Int32

        static final int GDT_Int32
        GDT_Int32(5) : Thirty two bit signed integer (data type)
      • GDT_UInt64

        static final int GDT_UInt64
      • GDT_Int64

        static final int GDT_Int64
      • GDT_Float32

        static final int GDT_Float32
        GDT_Float32(6) : Thirty two bit floating point (data type)
      • GDT_Float64

        static final int GDT_Float64
        GDT_Float64(7) : Sixty four bit floating point (data type)
      • GDT_CInt16

        static final int GDT_CInt16
        GDT_CInt16(8) : Complex Int16 (data type)
      • GDT_CInt32

        static final int GDT_CInt32
        GDT_CInt32(9) : Complex Int32 (data type)
      • GDT_CFloat32

        static final int GDT_CFloat32
        GDT_CFloat32(10) : Complex Float32 (data type)
      • GDT_CFloat64

        static final int GDT_CFloat64
        GDT_CFloat64(11) : Complex Float64 (data type)
      • GDT_TypeCount

        static final int GDT_TypeCount
        GDT_TypeCount(12) : Maximum type (data type)
      • GA_ReadOnly

        static final int GA_ReadOnly
        GA_ReadOnly : flag used for opening a dataset in read-only mode with gdal.Open()
      • GA_Update

        static final int GA_Update
        GA_Update : flag used for opening a dataset in update mode with gdal.Open()
      • GRIORA_NearestNeighbour

        static final int GRIORA_NearestNeighbour
      • GRIORA_Bilinear

        static final int GRIORA_Bilinear
      • GRIORA_Cubic

        static final int GRIORA_Cubic
      • GRIORA_CubicSpline

        static final int GRIORA_CubicSpline
      • GRIORA_Lanczos

        static final int GRIORA_Lanczos
      • GRIORA_Average

        static final int GRIORA_Average
      • GRIORA_RMS

        static final int GRIORA_RMS
      • GRIORA_Mode

        static final int GRIORA_Mode
      • GRIORA_Gauss

        static final int GRIORA_Gauss
      • GCI_Undefined

        static final int GCI_Undefined
        GCI_Undefined(0) : undefined (color interpretation)
      • GCI_GrayIndex

        static final int GCI_GrayIndex
        GCI_GrayIndex(1) : greyscale (color interpretation)
      • GCI_PaletteIndex

        static final int GCI_PaletteIndex
        GCI_PaletteIndex(2) : paletted with color table (color interpretation)
      • GCI_RedBand

        static final int GCI_RedBand
        GCI_RedBand(3) : Red band of RGBA image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_GreenBand

        static final int GCI_GreenBand
        GCI_GreenBand(4) : Green band of RGBA image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_BlueBand

        static final int GCI_BlueBand
        GCI_BlueBand(5) : Blue band of RGBA image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_AlphaBand

        static final int GCI_AlphaBand
        GCI_AlphaBand(6) : Alpha band of RGBA image (0=transparent, 255=opaque) (color interpretation)
      • GCI_HueBand

        static final int GCI_HueBand
        GCI_HueBand(7) : Hue band of HLS image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_SaturationBand

        static final int GCI_SaturationBand
        GCI_SaturationBand(8) : Saturation band of HLS image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_LightnessBand

        static final int GCI_LightnessBand
        GCI_LightnessBand(9) : Lightness band of HLS image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_CyanBand

        static final int GCI_CyanBand
        GCI_CyanBand(10) : Cyan band of CMYK image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_MagentaBand

        static final int GCI_MagentaBand
        GCI_MagentaBand(11) : Magenta band of CMYK image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_YellowBand

        static final int GCI_YellowBand
        GCI_YellowBand(12) : Yellow band of CMYK image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_BlackBand

        static final int GCI_BlackBand
        GCI_BlackBand(13) : Black band of CMYK image (color interpretation)
      • GCI_YCbCr_YBand

        static final int GCI_YCbCr_YBand
        GCI_YCbCr_YBand(14) : Y Luminance (color interpretation)
      • GCI_YCbCr_CrBand

        static final int GCI_YCbCr_CrBand
        GCI_YCbCr_CrBand(16) : Cr Luminance (color interpretation)
      • GCI_YCbCr_CbBand

        static final int GCI_YCbCr_CbBand
        GCI_YCbCr_CbBand(15) : Cb Luminance (color interpretation)
      • GRA_NearestNeighbour

        static final int GRA_NearestNeighbour
        GRA_NearestNeighbour(0) : Nearest neighbour (select on one input pixel) (warping algorithm)
      • GRA_Bilinear

        static final int GRA_Bilinear
        GRA_Bilinear(1) : Bilinear (2x2 kernel) (warping algorithm)
      • GRA_Cubic

        static final int GRA_Cubic
        GRA_Cubic(2) : Cubic Convolution Approximation (4x4 kernel) (warping algorithm)
      • GRA_CubicSpline

        static final int GRA_CubicSpline
        GRA_CubicSpline(3) : Cubic B-Spline Approximation (4x4 kernel) (warping algorithm)
      • GRA_Lanczos

        static final int GRA_Lanczos
        GRA_Lanczos(4) : Lanczos windowed sinc interpolation (6x6 kernel) (warping algorithm)
      • GRA_Average

        static final int GRA_Average
      • GRA_RMS

        static final int GRA_RMS
      • GRA_Mode

        static final int GRA_Mode
      • GRA_Max

        static final int GRA_Max
      • GRA_Min

        static final int GRA_Min
      • GRA_Med

        static final int GRA_Med
      • GRA_Q1

        static final int GRA_Q1
      • GRA_Q3

        static final int GRA_Q3
      • GRA_Sum

        static final int GRA_Sum
      • GPI_Gray

        static final int GPI_Gray
        GPI_Gray(0) (palette interpretation). Grayscale (in GDALColorEntry.c1)
      • GPI_RGB

        static final int GPI_RGB
        GPI_RGB(1) (palette interpretation). Red, Green, Blue and Alpha in (in c1, c2, c3 and c4)
      • GPI_CMYK

        static final int GPI_CMYK
        GPI_CMYK(2) (palette interpretation). Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (in c1, c2, c3 and c4)
      • GPI_HLS

        static final int GPI_HLS
        GPI_HLS(3) (palette interpretation). Hue, Lightness and Saturation (in c1, c2, and c3)
      • CXT_Element

        static final int CXT_Element
        CTX_Element(0) : node is an element.
      • CXT_Text

        static final int CXT_Text
        CXT_Text(1) : node is a raw text value
      • CXT_Attribute

        static final int CXT_Attribute
        CXT_Attribute(2) : node is an attribute.
      • CXT_Comment

        static final int CXT_Comment
        CXT_Comment(3) : node is a XML comment.
      • CXT_Literal

        static final int CXT_Literal
        CXT_Literal(4) : node is a special literal.
      • CE_None

        static final int CE_None
        No error == 0 (message class and error return code).
      • CE_Debug

        static final int CE_Debug
        Debug error == 1 (message class).
      • CE_Warning

        static final int CE_Warning
        Warning error == 2 (message class and error return code).
      • CE_Failure

        static final int CE_Failure
        Failure error == 3 (message class and error return code).
      • CE_Fatal

        static final int CE_Fatal
        Fatal error == 4 (message class).
      • CPLE_None

        static final int CPLE_None
        CPLE_None == 0 (error code).
      • CPLE_AppDefined

        static final int CPLE_AppDefined
        CPLE_AppDefined == 1 (error code).
      • CPLE_OutOfMemory

        static final int CPLE_OutOfMemory
        CPLE_OutOfMemory == 2 (error code).
      • CPLE_FileIO

        static final int CPLE_FileIO
        CPLE_FileIO == 3 (error code).
      • CPLE_OpenFailed

        static final int CPLE_OpenFailed
        CPLE_OpenFailed == 4 (error code).
      • CPLE_IllegalArg

        static final int CPLE_IllegalArg
        CPLE_IllegalArg == 5 (error code).
      • CPLE_NotSupported

        static final int CPLE_NotSupported
        CPLE_NotSupported == 6 (error code).
      • CPLE_AssertionFailed

        static final int CPLE_AssertionFailed
        CPLE_AssertionFailed == 7 (error code).
      • CPLE_NoWriteAccess

        static final int CPLE_NoWriteAccess
        CPLE_NoWriteAccess == 8 (error code).
      • CPLE_UserInterrupt

        static final int CPLE_UserInterrupt
        CPLE_UserInterrupt == 9 (error code).
      • CPLE_ObjectNull

        static final int CPLE_ObjectNull
        CPLE_ObjectNull == 10 (error code).
      • CPLE_HttpResponse

        static final int CPLE_HttpResponse
      • CPLE_AWSBucketNotFound

        static final int CPLE_AWSBucketNotFound
      • CPLE_AWSObjectNotFound

        static final int CPLE_AWSObjectNotFound
      • CPLE_AWSAccessDenied

        static final int CPLE_AWSAccessDenied
      • CPLE_AWSInvalidCredentials

        static final int CPLE_AWSInvalidCredentials
      • CPLE_AWSSignatureDoesNotMatch

        static final int CPLE_AWSSignatureDoesNotMatch
      • OF_ALL

        static final int OF_ALL
      • OF_RASTER

        static final int OF_RASTER
      • OF_VECTOR

        static final int OF_VECTOR
      • OF_GNM

        static final int OF_GNM

        static final int OF_MULTIDIM_RASTER

        static final int OF_READONLY
      • OF_UPDATE

        static final int OF_UPDATE
      • OF_SHARED

        static final int OF_SHARED

        static final int OF_VERBOSE_ERROR

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_LONGNAME

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_HELPTOPIC

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_MIMETYPE

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_EXTENSION

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_EXTENSIONS

        static final java.lang.String DMD_CONNECTION_PREFIX

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_CREATIONOPTIONLIST

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_CREATIONDATATYPES

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_CREATIONFIELDDATATYPES

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_SUBDATASETS

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DMD_CREATION_FIELD_DOMAIN_TYPES

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DCAP_OPEN

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DCAP_CREATE

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DCAP_CREATECOPY

        static final java.lang.String GDAL_DCAP_VIRTUALIO

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_RASTER

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_VECTOR

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_NOTNULL_FIELDS

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_DEFAULT_FIELDS

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_NOTNULL_GEOMFIELDS

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_UNIQUE_FIELDS

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_COORDINATE_EPOCH

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_FIELD_DOMAINS

        static final java.lang.String DCAP_RENAME_LAYERS

        static final java.lang.String DIM_TYPE_HORIZONTAL_X

        static final java.lang.String DIM_TYPE_HORIZONTAL_Y

        static final java.lang.String DIM_TYPE_VERTICAL

        static final java.lang.String DIM_TYPE_TEMPORAL

        static final java.lang.String DIM_TYPE_PARAMETRIC
      • CPLES_BackslashQuotable

        static final int CPLES_BackslashQuotable

        This scheme turns a binary string into a form suitable to be placed within double quotes as a string constant. The backslash, quote, '\\0' and newline characters are all escaped in the usual C style.

      • CPLES_XML

        static final int CPLES_XML

        This scheme converts the '<', '>' and '&' characters into their XML/HTML equivalent (&gt;, &lt; and &amp;) making a string safe to embed as CDATA within an XML element. The '\\0' is not escaped and should not be included in the input.


        static final int CPLES_XML_BUT_QUOTES
      • CPLES_URL

        static final int CPLES_URL

        Everything except alphanumerics and the underscore are converted to a percent followed by a two digit hex encoding of the character (leading zero supplied if needed). This is the mechanism used for encoding values to be passed in URLs.

      • CPLES_SQL

        static final int CPLES_SQL

        All single quotes are replaced with two single quotes. Suitable for use when constructing literal values for SQL commands where the literal will be enclosed in single quotes.

      • CPLES_SQLI

        static final int CPLES_SQLI
      • CPLES_CSV

        static final int CPLES_CSV

        If the values contains commas, double quotes, or newlines it placed in double quotes, and double quotes in the value are doubled. Suitable for use when constructing field values for .csv files. Note that CPLUnescapeString() currently does not support this format, only CPLEscapeString(). See cpl_csv.cpp for csv parsing support.

      • GFT_Integer

        static final int GFT_Integer
      • GFT_Real

        static final int GFT_Real
      • GFT_String

        static final int GFT_String
      • GFU_Generic

        static final int GFU_Generic
      • GFU_PixelCount

        static final int GFU_PixelCount
      • GFU_Name

        static final int GFU_Name
      • GFU_Min

        static final int GFU_Min
      • GFU_Max

        static final int GFU_Max
      • GFU_MinMax

        static final int GFU_MinMax
      • GFU_Red

        static final int GFU_Red
      • GFU_Green

        static final int GFU_Green
      • GFU_Blue

        static final int GFU_Blue
      • GFU_Alpha

        static final int GFU_Alpha
      • GFU_RedMin

        static final int GFU_RedMin
      • GFU_GreenMin

        static final int GFU_GreenMin
      • GFU_BlueMin

        static final int GFU_BlueMin
      • GFU_AlphaMin

        static final int GFU_AlphaMin
      • GFU_RedMax

        static final int GFU_RedMax
      • GFU_GreenMax

        static final int GFU_GreenMax
      • GFU_BlueMax

        static final int GFU_BlueMax
      • GFU_AlphaMax

        static final int GFU_AlphaMax
      • GFU_MaxCount

        static final int GFU_MaxCount

        static final int GRTT_THEMATIC

        static final int GRTT_ATHEMATIC

        static final int GMF_ALL_VALID
        GMF_ALL_VALID(0x01) (mask band flag). There are no invalid pixels, all mask values will be 255. When used this will normally be the only flag set.

        static final int GMF_PER_DATASET
        GMF_PER_DATASET(0x02) (mask band flag). The mask band is shared between all bands on the dataset.
      • GMF_ALPHA

        static final int GMF_ALPHA
        GMF_ALPHA(0x04) (mask band flag). The mask band is actually an alpha band and may have values other than 0 and 255.
      • GMF_NODATA

        static final int GMF_NODATA
        GMF_NODATA(0x08) (mask band flag). Indicates the mask is actually being generated from nodata values. (mutually exclusive of GMF_ALPHA)


        static final int GDAL_DATA_COVERAGE_STATUS_DATA

        static final int GDAL_DATA_COVERAGE_STATUS_EMPTY

        static final int GARIO_PENDING

        static final int GARIO_UPDATE

        static final int GARIO_ERROR

        static final int GARIO_COMPLETE
      • GTO_TIP

        static final int GTO_TIP
      • GTO_BIT

        static final int GTO_BIT
      • GTO_BSQ

        static final int GTO_BSQ