Package org.gdal.gdal

Class TermProgressCallback

  • public class TermProgressCallback
    extends ProgressCallback
    Class used for simple progress report to terminal.

    This progress reporter prints simple progress report to the terminal window. The progress report generally looks something like this:

      0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.
    Every 2.5% of progress another number or period is emitted. Note that GDALTermProgress() uses internal static data to keep track of the last percentage reported and will get confused if two terminal based progress reportings are active at the same time either in in a single thread or across multiple threads.

    Example :

     driver.CreateCopy("dest.tif", src_ds, 0, null, new TermProgressCallback());
    Java bindings 1.7.0
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      void delete()  
      int run​(double dfComplete, java.lang.String pszMessage)
      Callback method called from long processing from GDAL methods.
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      • TermProgressCallback

        public TermProgressCallback()
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      • run

        public int run​(double dfComplete,
                       java.lang.String pszMessage)
        Description copied from class: ProgressCallback
        Callback method called from long processing from GDAL methods.

        This method is called back with the progression percentage. Its return value is used by the caller to determine whether the processing should go on or be interrupted.

        This method should be subclassed by classes subclassing ProgressCallback.

        run in class ProgressCallback
        dfComplete - progression percentage between 0 and 1
        pszMessage - processing message, may be null
        0 if you want to interrupt the processing, any value different from 0 to go on