SAFE -- Sentinel-1 SAFE XML Product

Driver for Sentinel products. Currently supports only Sentinel-1 SAR products. See also the GDAL Sentinel-2 driver

SENTINEL data products are distributed using a SENTINEL-specific variation of the Standard Archive Format for Europe (SAFE) format specification. The SAFE format has been designed to act as a common format for archiving and conveying data within ESA Earth Observation archiving facilities.

The SAFE driver will be used if the or the containing directory is selected, and it can treat all the imagery as one consistent dataset.

The SAFE driver also reads geolocation grid points from the metadata and represents them as GCPs on the dataset.

ESA will be distributing other satellite datasets in this format; however, at this time this driver only supports specific Sentinel-1 SAR products. All other will be ignored, or result in various runtime errors.

Multiple measurements

If the product contains multiple measurements (for example multiple polarizations), each one is available as a raster band - if the swath is the same. When the swath is the same, the geographic area is the same.

If the product contains multiple swaths and multiple polatizations, the driver shows the first swath by default. To access other swaths, the user must select a specific subdataset.


Data Calibration

Currently the driver does not apply calibration information.

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