Starting with GDAL 2.0, GDAL can read, create and update files in the KEA format, through the libkea library.

KEA is an image file format, named after the New Zealand bird, that provides a full implementation of the GDAL data model and is implemented within a HDF5 file. A software library, likea, is used to access the file format. The format has comparable performance with existing formats while producing smaller file sizes and is already within active use for a number of projects within Landcare Research, New Zealand, and the wider community.

The KEA format supports the following features of the GDAL data model:

Creation options

The following creation options are available. Some are rather esoteric and should rarely be specified, unless the user has good knowledge of the working of the underlying HDF5 format.

VSI Virtual File System API support

Since GDAL 2.5.0, read-only operations on /vsi file systems are supported.

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