JP2Lura --- JPEG2000 driver based on Lurawave library

(GDAL >= 2.2.0)

This driver is an implementation of a JPEG2000 reader/writer based on Lurawave library.

The driver uses the VSI Virtual File API, so it can read JPEG2000 compressed NITF files.


Georeferencing information can come from different sources : internal (GeoJP2 or GMLJP2 boxes), worldfile .j2w/.wld sidecar files, or PAM (Persitant Auxiliary metadata) .aux.xml sidecar files. By default, information is fetched in following order (first listed is the most prioritary): PAM, GeoJP2, GMLJP2, WORLDFILE.

The allowed sources and their priority order can be changed with the GDAL_GEOREF_SOURCES configuration option (or GEOREF_SOURCES open option) whose value is a comma-separated list of the following keywords : PAM, GEOJP2, GMLJP2, INTERNAL (shortcut for GEOJP2,GMLJP2), WORLDFILE, NONE. First mentioned sources are the most prioritary over the next ones. A non mentioned source will be ignored.

For example setting it to "WORLDFILE,PAM,INTERNAL" will make a geotransformation matrix from a potential worldfile prioritary over PAM or internal JP2 boxes. Setting it to "PAM,WORLDFILE,GEOJP2" will use the mentioned sources and ignore GMLJP2 boxes.

License number

The LURA_LICENSE_NUM_1 and LURA_LICENSE_NUM_2 configuration options / environment variables must be set with the 2 numbers that compose a license number.

Option Options

The following open option is available:

Creation Options

Lossless compression

Lossless compression can be achieved if REVERSIBLE=YES is used (and RATE is not specified).

Vector information

A JPEG2000 file containing a GMLJP2 v2 box with GML feature collections and/or KML annotations embedded can be opened as a vector file with the OGR API. For example:
ogrinfo -ro my.jp2

INFO: Open of my.jp2'
      using driver `JP2Lura' successful.
1: FC_GridCoverage_1_rivers (LineString)
2: FC_GridCoverage_1_borders (LineString)
3: Annotation_1_poly

Feature collections can be linked from the GMLJP2 v2 box to a remote location. By default, the link is not followed. It will be followed if the open option OPEN_REMOTE_GML is set to YES.


Proper support of JPEG-2000 images with Int32/UInt32/Float32-IEEE754-split on Linux 64 bits require a v2.1.00.17 or later SDK.

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