JP2ECW -- ERDAS JPEG2000 (.jp2)

GDAL supports reading and writing JPEG2000 files using the ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK developed by Hexagon Geospatial (formerly Intergraph, ERDAS, ERMapper). Support is optional and requires linking in the libraries available from the ECW/JP2 SDK Download page.

Coordinate system and georeferencing transformations are read, and some degree of support is included for GeoJP2 (tm) (GeoTIFF-in-JPEG2000), ERDAS GML-in-JPEG2000, and the new GML-in-JPEG2000 specification developed at OGC.


The ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK v5.x is available under multiple license types. For Desktop usage, decoding any sized ECW/JP2 image is made available free of charge. To compress, deploy on a Server platform, or decode unlimited sized files on Mobile platforms a license must be purchased from Hexagon Geospatial.



Georeferencing information can come from different sources : internal (GeoJP2 or GMLJP2 boxes), worldfile .j2w/.wld sidecar files, or PAM (Persitant Auxiliary metadata) .aux.xml sidecar files. By default, information is fetched in following order (first listed is the most prioritary): PAM, GeoJP2, GMLJP2, WORLDFILE.

Starting with GDAL 2.2, the allowed sources and their priority order can be changed with the GDAL_GEOREF_SOURCES configuration option (or GEOREF_SOURCES open option) whose value is a comma-separated list of the following keywords : PAM, GEOJP2, GMLJP2, INTERNAL (shortcut for GEOJP2,GMLJP2), WORLDFILE, NONE. First mentioned sources are the most prioritary over the next ones. A non mentioned source will be ignored.

For example setting it to "WORLDFILE,PAM,INTERNAL" will make a geotransformation matrix from a potential worldfile prioritary over PAM or internal JP2 boxes. Setting it to "PAM,WORLDFILE,GEOJP2" will use the mentioned sources and ignore GMLJP2 boxes.

Option Options

(GDAL >= 2.0 ) The following open option is available:

Creation Options:

Note: Only Licensing and compression target need to be specified. The ECW/JP2 SDK will default all other options to recommended settings based on the input characteristics. Changing other options can substantially impact decoding speed and compatibility with other JPEG2000 toolkits. "JPEG2000 format does not support creation of GDAL overviews since the format is already considered to be optimized for "arbitrary overviews". JP2ECW driver also arranges JP2 codestream to allow optimal access to power of two overviews. This is controlled with the creation option LEVELS."

Configuration Options

The ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK supports a variety of runtime configuration options to control various features. Most of these are exposed as GDAL configuration options. See the ECW/JP2 SDK documentation for full details on the meaning of these options.


Starting with GDAL 1.11.0, XMP metadata can be extracted from JPEG2000 files, and will be stored as XML raw content in the xml:XMP metadata domain.

ECW/JP2 SDK v5.1+ also advertises JPEG2000 structural information as generic File Metadata reported under "JPEG2000" metadata domain (-mdd):

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