Google Earth Engine Data API Image

GDAL/OGR >= 2.4

The driver supports read-only operations to access image content, using Google Earth Engine REST API.

Dataset name syntax

The minimal syntax to open a datasource is :

where asset is something like projects/earthengine-public/assets/COPERNICUS/S2/20170430T190351_20170430T190351_T10SEG, and band_names a comma separated list of band names (typically indicated by subdatasets on the main image)

Open options

The following open options are available :

Authentication methods

The following authentication methods can be used:

Configuration options

The following configuration options are available :


The driver expose overviews, following a logic of decreasing power of 2 factors, until both dimensions of the smallest overview are lower than 256 pixels.


When all bands don't have the same georeferencing, resolution, CRS or image dimensions, the driver will expose subdatasets. Each subdataset groups together bands of the same dimension, extent, resolution and CRS.


The driver will expose metadata reported in "properties" as dataset-level or band-level metadata.

Pixel encoding

By default (PIXEL_ENCODING=AUTO), the driver will request pixels in a format compatible of the number and data types of the bands. The PNG, JPEG and AUTO_PNG_JPEG can only be used with bands of type Byte.


  • Get metadata on an image:
    gdalinfo "EEDAI:" -oo ASSET=projects/earthengine-public/assets/COPERNICUS/S2/20170430T190351_20170430T190351_T10SEG --config EEDA_CLIENT_EMAIL "my@email" --config EEDA_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE my.pem
    gdalinfo "EEDAI:projects/earthengine-public/assets/COPERNICUS/S2/20170430T190351_20170430T190351_T10SEG" --config EEDA_CLIENT_EMAIL "my@email" --config EEDA_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE my.pem

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