PostgreSQL SQL Dump

(GDAL/OGR >= 1.8.0)

This write-only driver implements support for generating a SQL dump file that can later be injected into a live PostgreSQL instance. It supports PostgreSQL extended with the PostGIS geometries.

This driver is very similar to the PostGIS shp2pgsql utility.

Most creation options are shared with the regular PostgreSQL driver.

Starting with OGR 1.11, the PGDump driver supports creating tables with multiple PostGIS geometry columns (following RFC 41)

Creation options

Dataset Creation Options

Layer Creation Options

Environment variables

VSI Virtual File System API support

(Some features below might require OGR >= 1.9.0)

The driver supports rwriting to files managed by VSI Virtual File System API, which include "regular" files, as well as files in the /vsizip/, /vsigzip/ domains.

Writing to /dev/stdout or /vsistdout/ is also supported.


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