NextGIS Web

NextGIS Web - is a server GIS, which allows to store and edit geodata and to display maps in web browser. Also NextGIS Web can share geodata with other NextGIS software.

NextGIS Web has the following features:

NextGIS Web - is an open source software (license GPL v2+, see GNU General Public License, version 2).


The driver is available since GDAL/OGR >= 2.4. NextGIS Web supports several raster types:

Each NextGIS Web raster layer can have one or more raster styles.
Each NextGIS Web vector or PostGIS layer can have one or more vector style (QGIS qml or MapServer xml).
WMS layer is one or more layers from external WMS service. This layer has no styles.
WMS Service is usual WMS protocol implementation.

Now NGW driver supports only raster and vector styles and WMS layers. You can get raster data as tiles or image (only tiles are supported now).

The driver supports read and copy from existing source dataset operations on rasters.

Dataset name syntax

The minimal syntax to open a NGW datasource is: NGW:[NextGIS Web URL][/resource/][resource identifier] If identifier is resource group, all vector layers, PostGIS, raster layers, styles will be listed as child resources. In other case this will be a separate raster.

Configuration options

The following configuration options are available:


Any operations (read, write, get metadata, change properties, etc.) may require an authenticated access. Authenticated access is obtained by specifying user name and password in open, create or configuration options.

Open options

The following open options are available:

Create copy options

NextGIS Web supported only GeoTIFF with 3 (RGB) or 4 (RGBA) bangs with datatype Byte. In CreateCopy function if source dataset has GeoTiff file format it will copy as is. For other formats the addtional transformation to temporary GeoTiff file will be executed.

The following copy options are available:


NextGIS Web metadata are supported in datasource, vector, PostGIS, raster layers and styles. Metadata are stored at specific domain "NGW". NextGIS Web supported metadata are strings and numbers. Metadata keys with decimal numbers will have suffix .d and for real numbers - .f. To create new metadata item, add new key=value pair in NGW domain use the SetMetadataItem function and appropriate suffix. During transferring to NextGIS Web, suffix will be omitted. You must ensure that numbers correctly transform from string to number.

Resource description and key map to appropriate description and keyname metadata items in default domain. Changing those metadata items will cause an update of resource properties.

Resource creation date, type and parent identifier map to appropriate read-only metadata items creation_date, resource_type and parent_id in default domain.


Read datasource contensts (1730 is resource group identifier):
    gdalinfo NGW:

Read raster details (1734 is raster layer identifier):

    gdalinfo NGW:

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