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This driver is considered for removal in GDAL 3.5. You are invited to convert any dataset in that format to another more common one. If you need this driver in future GDAL versions, create a ticket at https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal (look first for an existing one first) to explain how critical it is for you (but the GDAL project may still remove it). To enable use of the deprecated driver the GDAL_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_DRIVER_WALK configuration option / environment variable must be set to YES.

OGR optionally supports reading Walk spatial data via ODBC. Walk spatial data is a Microsoft Access database developed by Walkinfo Technologies mainly for land surveying, evaluation, planning, checking and data analysis in China.

Walk .mdb are accessed by passing the file name of the .mdb file to be accessed as the data source name. On Windows, no ODBC DSN is required. On Linux, there are problems with DSN-less connection due to incomplete or buggy implementation of this feature in the MDB Tools package, So, it is required to configure Data Source Name (DSN) if the MDB Tools driver is used (check instructions below).

OGR treats all feature tables as layers. Most geometry types should be supported (arcs and circles are translated into line segments, while other curves are currently converted into straight lines). Coordinate system information should be properly associated with layers. Currently no effort is made to preserve styles and annotations.

Currently the OGR Walk driver does not take advantage of spatial indexes for fast spatial queries.

By default, SQL statements are handled by OGR SQL engine. SQL commands can also be passed directly to the ODBC database engine when SQL dialect is not “OGRSQL”. In that case, the queries will deal with tables (such as “XXXXFeatures”, where XXXX is the name of a layer) instead of layers.

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Supports Georeferencing

This driver supports georeferencing

How to use Walk driver with unixODBC and MDB Tools (on Unix and Linux)

Refer to the similar section of the PGeo driver. The prefix to use for this driver is Walk: