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OGRStyleLabel Class Reference

This class represents a style label. More...

#include <ogr_featurestyle.h>

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Public Member Functions

const char * FontName (GBool &bDefault)
void SetFontName (const char *pszFontName)
double Size (GBool &bDefault)
void SetSize (double dfSize)
const char * TextString (GBool &bDefault)
void SetTextString (const char *pszTextString)
double Angle (GBool &bDefault)
void SetAngle (double dfAngle)
const char * ForeColor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetForColor (const char *pszForColor)
const char * BackColor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetBackColor (const char *pszBackColor)
const char * Placement (GBool &bDefault)
void SetPlacement (const char *pszPlacement)
int Anchor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetAnchor (int nAnchor)
double SpacingX (GBool &bDefault)
void SetSpacingX (double dfX)
double SpacingY (GBool &bDefault)
void SetSpacingY (double dfY)
double Perp (GBool &bDefault)
void SetPerp (double dfPerp)
GBool Bold (GBool &bDefault)
void SetBold (GBool bBold)
GBool Italic (GBool &bDefault)
void SetItalic (GBool bItalic)
GBool Underline (GBool &bDefault)
void SetUnderline (GBool bUnderline)
int Priority (GBool &bDefault)
void SetPriority (int nPriority)
GBool Strikeout (GBool &bDefault)
void SetStrikeout (GBool bStrikeout)
double Stretch (GBool &bDefault)
void SetStretch (double dfStretch)
const char * AdjustmentHor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetAdjustmentHor (const char *pszAdjustmentHor)
const char * AdjustmentVert (GBool &bDefault)
void SetAdjustmentVert (const char *pszAdjustmentVert)
const char * ShadowColor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetShadowColor (const char *pszShadowColor)
const char * OutlineColor (GBool &bDefault)
void SetOutlineColor (const char *pszOutlineColor)
const char * GetParamStr (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, GBool &bValueIsNull)
int GetParamNum (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, GBool &bValueIsNull)
double GetParamDbl (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, GBool &bValueIsNull)
void SetParamStr (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, const char *pszParamString)
void SetParamNum (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, int nParam)
void SetParamDbl (OGRSTLabelParam eParam, double dfParam)
const char * GetStyleString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OGRStyleTool
 OGRStyleTool (OGRSTClassId eClassId)
GBool GetRGBFromString (const char *pszColor, int &nRed, int &nGreen, int &nBlue, int &nTransparence)
int GetSpecificId (const char *pszId, const char *pszWanted)
GBool IsStyleModified ()
void StyleModified ()
GBool IsStyleParsed ()
void StyleParsed ()
OGRSTClassId GetType ()
void SetInternalInputUnitFromParam (char *pszString)
void SetUnit (OGRSTUnitId, double dfScale=1.0)
OGRSTUnitId GetUnit ()
void SetStyleString (const char *pszStyleString)
const char * GetStyleString (const OGRStyleParamId *pasStyleParam, OGRStyleValue *pasStyleValue, int nSize)
const char * GetParamStr (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, GBool &bValueIsNull)
int GetParamNum (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, GBool &bValueIsNull)
double GetParamDbl (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, GBool &bValueIsNull)
void SetParamStr (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, const char *pszParamString)
void SetParamNum (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, int nParam)
void SetParamDbl (const OGRStyleParamId &sStyleParam, OGRStyleValue &sStyleValue, double dfParam)
double ComputeWithUnit (double, OGRSTUnitId)
int ComputeWithUnit (int, OGRSTUnitId)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OGRStyleTool
GBool Parse (const OGRStyleParamId *pasStyle, OGRStyleValue *pasValue, int nCount)

Detailed Description

This class represents a style label.

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