GDALIntegralImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for GDALIntegralImage, including all inherited members.

GDALIntegralImage() (defined in GDALIntegralImage)GDALIntegralImage
GetRectangleSum(int nRow, int nCol, int nWidth, int nHeight)GDALIntegralImage
GetValue(int nRow, int nCol)GDALIntegralImage
HaarWavelet_X(int nRow, int nCol, int nSize)GDALIntegralImage
HaarWavelet_Y(int nRow, int nCol, int nSize)GDALIntegralImage
Initialize(const double **padfImg, int nHeight, int nWidth)GDALIntegralImage
~GDALIntegralImage() (defined in GDALIntegralImage)GDALIntegralImagevirtual

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