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GDALDriverManager Class Reference

Class for managing the registration of file format drivers. More...

#include <gdal_priv.h>

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Public Member Functions

int GetDriverCount (void) const
 Fetch the number of registered drivers. More...
GDALDriverGetDriver (int)
 Fetch driver by index. More...
GDALDriverGetDriverByName (const char *)
 Fetch a driver based on the short name. More...
int RegisterDriver (GDALDriver *)
 Register a driver for use. More...
void DeregisterDriver (GDALDriver *)
 Deregister the passed driver. More...
void AutoSkipDrivers ()
 This method unload undesirable drivers. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GDALMajorObject
int GetMOFlags () const
 Returns the GMO_ flags. More...
void SetMOFlags (int nFlagsIn)
 Assign GMO_flags. More...
virtual const char * GetDescription () const
 Fetch object description. More...
virtual void SetDescription (const char *)
 Set object description. More...
virtual char ** GetMetadataDomainList ()
 Fetch list of metadata domains. More...
virtual char ** GetMetadata (const char *pszDomain="")
 Fetch metadata. More...
virtual CPLErr SetMetadata (char **papszMetadata, const char *pszDomain="")
 Set metadata. More...
virtual const char * GetMetadataItem (const char *pszName, const char *pszDomain="")
 Fetch single metadata item. More...
virtual CPLErr SetMetadataItem (const char *pszName, const char *pszValue, const char *pszDomain="")
 Set single metadata item. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void AutoLoadDrivers ()
 Auto-load GDAL drivers from shared libraries. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GDALMajorObject
static GDALMajorObjectH ToHandle (GDALMajorObject *poMajorObject)
 Convert a GDALMajorObject* to a GDALMajorObjectH. More...
static GDALMajorObjectFromHandle (GDALMajorObjectH hMajorObject)
 Convert a GDALMajorObjectH to a GDALMajorObject*. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GDALMajorObject
char ** BuildMetadataDomainList (char **papszList, int bCheckNonEmpty,...) CPL_NULL_TERMINATED
 Helper function for custom implementations of GetMetadataDomainList() More...

Detailed Description

Class for managing the registration of file format drivers.

Use GetGDALDriverManager() to fetch the global singleton instance of this class.

Member Function Documentation

void GDALDriverManager::AutoLoadDrivers ( )

Auto-load GDAL drivers from shared libraries.

This function will automatically load drivers from shared libraries. It searches the "driver path" for .so (or .dll) files that start with the prefix "". It then tries to load them and then tries to call a function within them called GDALRegister_X() where the 'X' is the same as the remainder of the shared library basename ('X' is case sensitive), or failing that to call GDALRegisterMe().

There are a few rules for the driver path. If the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH environment variable it set, it is taken to be a list of directories to search separated by colons on UNIX, or semi-colons on Windows. Otherwise the /usr/local/lib/gdalplugins directory, and (if known) the lib/gdalplugins subdirectory of the gdal home directory are searched on UNIX and \gdalplugins on Windows.

Auto loading can be completely disabled by setting the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH config option to "disable".

void GDALDriverManager::AutoSkipDrivers ( )

This method unload undesirable drivers.

All drivers specified in the comma delimited list in the GDAL_SKIP environment variable) will be deregistered and destroyed. This method should normally be called after registration of standard drivers to allow the user a way of unloading undesired drivers. The GDALAllRegister() function already invokes AutoSkipDrivers() at the end, so if that functions is called, it should not be necessary to call this method from application code.

Note: space separator is also accepted for backward compatibility, but some vector formats have spaces in their names, so it is encouraged to use comma to avoid issues.

void GDALDriverManager::DeregisterDriver ( GDALDriver poDriver)

Deregister the passed driver.

If the driver isn't found no change is made.

The C analog is GDALDeregisterDriver().

poDriverthe driver to deregister.
GDALDriver * GDALDriverManager::GetDriver ( int  iDriver)

Fetch driver by index.

This C analog to this is GDALGetDriver().

iDriverthe driver index from 0 to GetDriverCount()-1.
the driver identified by the index or NULL if the index is invalid
GDALDriver * GDALDriverManager::GetDriverByName ( const char *  pszName)

Fetch a driver based on the short name.

The C analog is the GDALGetDriverByName() function.

pszNamethe short name, such as GTiff, being searched for.
the identified driver, or NULL if no match is found.
int GDALDriverManager::GetDriverCount ( void  ) const

Fetch the number of registered drivers.

This C analog to this is GDALGetDriverCount().

the number of registered drivers.
int GDALDriverManager::RegisterDriver ( GDALDriver poDriver)

Register a driver for use.

The C analog is GDALRegisterDriver().

Normally this method is used by format specific C callable registration entry points such as GDALRegister_GTiff() rather than being called directly by application level code.

If this driver (based on the object pointer, not short name) is already registered, then no change is made, and the index of the existing driver is returned. Otherwise the driver list is extended, and the new driver is added at the end.

poDriverthe driver to register.
the index of the new installed driver.

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