CPLJSONObject Member List

This is the complete list of members for CPLJSONObject, including all inherited members.

Add(const std::string &osName, const std::string &osValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, const char *pszValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, double dfValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, int nValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, GInt64 nValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, const CPLJSONArray &oValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, const CPLJSONObject &oValue)CPLJSONObject
Add(const std::string &osName, bool bValue)CPLJSONObject
AddNull(const std::string &osName)CPLJSONObject
Array enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
Boolean enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
CPLJSONArray (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObjectfriend
CPLJSONDocument (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObjectfriend
Delete(const std::string &osName)CPLJSONObject
Double enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
Format(enum PrettyFormat eFormat) const CPLJSONObject
GetArray(const std::string &osName) const CPLJSONObject
GetBool(const std::string &osName, bool bDefault=false) const CPLJSONObject
GetChildren() const CPLJSONObject
GetDouble(const std::string &osName, double dfDefault=0.0) const CPLJSONObject
GetInteger(const std::string &osName, int nDefault=0) const CPLJSONObject
GetLong(const std::string &osName, GInt64 nDefault=0) const CPLJSONObject
GetObj(const std::string &osName) const CPLJSONObject
GetString(const std::string &osName, const std::string &osDefault="") const CPLJSONObject
GetType() const CPLJSONObject
Integer enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
IsValid() const CPLJSONObject
Long enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
Null enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
Object enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
operator[](const std::string &osName) const CPLJSONObject
Plain enum valueCPLJSONObject
Pretty enum valueCPLJSONObject
PrettyFormat enum nameCPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, const std::string &osValue)CPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, const char *pszValue)CPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, double dfValue)CPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, int nValue)CPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, GInt64 nValue)CPLJSONObject
Set(const std::string &osName, bool bValue)CPLJSONObject
SetNull(const std::string &osName)CPLJSONObject
Spaced enum valueCPLJSONObject
String enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject
ToArray() const CPLJSONObject
ToBool(bool bDefault=false) const CPLJSONObject
ToDouble(double dfDefault=0.0) const CPLJSONObject
ToInteger(int nDefault=0) const CPLJSONObject
ToLong(GInt64 nDefault=0) const CPLJSONObject
ToString(const std::string &osDefault="") const CPLJSONObject
Type enum nameCPLJSONObject
Unknown enum value (defined in CPLJSONObject)CPLJSONObject

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