PDF - Geospatial PDF

(GDAL/OGR >= 1.10.0)

This driver can rean and write geospatial PDF with vector features.

Read support requires linking to podofo or poppler libraries, but write support does not.

The driver can read vector features encoded according to PDF's logical structure facilities (as described by "ยง10.6 - Logical Structure" of PDF spec), or retrieve only vector geometries for other vector PDF files.

Feature style support

For write support, the driver has partial support for the style information attached to features, encoded according to the OGR Feature Style Specification.

The following tools are recognized :

The supported attributes for each tool are summed up in the following table :

Tool Supported attributes Example
PENcolor, width and dash patternPEN(c:#FF0000,w:5px)
BRUSHforeground colorBRUSH(fc:#0000FF)
LABELtext (limited to ASCII strings), foreground color, size, x and y offsets, and angleLABEL(c:#000000,t:"Hello World!",s:5)
SYMBOLid (ogr-sym-0 to ogr-sym-9, and filenames for raster symbols), color and size SYMBOL(c:#00FF00,id:"ogr-sym-3",s:10)

Alpha values are supported for colors to control the opacity. If not specified, for BRUSH, it is set at 50% opaque.

For SYMBOL with a bitmap name, only the alpha value of the color specified with 'c' is taken into account.

Dataset creation options

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