OGRCurve Member List

This is the complete list of members for OGRCurve, including all inherited members.
assignSpatialReference(OGRSpatialReference *poSR)OGRGeometry
Boundary() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Buffer(double dfDist, int nQuadSegs=30) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Centroid(OGRPoint *poPoint) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
clone() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
closeRings()OGRGeometry [virtual]
Contains(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
ConvexHull() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Crosses(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Difference(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Disjoint(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Distance(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
dumpReadable(FILE *, const char *=NULL, char **papszOptions=NULL) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
empty()=0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
EndPoint(OGRPoint *) const =0OGRCurve [pure virtual]
Equals(OGRGeometry *) const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
exportToGML(const char *const *papszOptions=NULL) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
exportToJson() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
exportToKML() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
exportToWkb(OGRwkbByteOrder, unsigned char *, OGRwkbVariant=wkbVariantOgc) const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
exportToWkt(char **ppszDstText) const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
flattenTo2D()=0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
get_IsClosed() const OGRCurve [virtual]
get_Length() const =0OGRCurve [pure virtual]
getBoundary() const CPL_WARN_DEPRECATED("Non standard method. Use Boundary() instead")OGRGeometry [virtual]
getCoordinateDimension() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
getDimension() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
getEnvelope(OGREnvelope *psEnvelope) const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
getEnvelope(OGREnvelope3D *psEnvelope) const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
getGeometryName() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
getGeometryType() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
getSpatialReference(void) const OGRGeometry [inline]
importFromWkb(unsigned char *, int=-1)=0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
importFromWkt(char **ppszInput)=0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
Intersection(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Intersects(OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
IsEmpty() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
IsRing() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
IsSimple() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
IsValid() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Overlaps(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Polygonize() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
segmentize(double dfMaxLength)OGRGeometry [virtual]
setCoordinateDimension(int nDimension)OGRGeometry [virtual]
Simplify(double dTolerance) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
SimplifyPreserveTopology(double dTolerance) const OGRGeometry
StartPoint(OGRPoint *) const =0OGRCurve [pure virtual]
swapXY()OGRGeometry [virtual]
SymDifference(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
SymmetricDifference(const OGRGeometry *) const CPL_WARN_DEPRECATED("Non standard method. Use SymDifference() instead")OGRGeometry [virtual]
Touches(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
transform(OGRCoordinateTransformation *poCT)=0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]
transformTo(OGRSpatialReference *poSR)OGRGeometry
Union(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
UnionCascaded() const OGRGeometry [virtual]
Value(double, OGRPoint *) const =0OGRCurve [pure virtual]
Within(const OGRGeometry *) const OGRGeometry [virtual]
WkbSize() const =0OGRGeometry [pure virtual]

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