JP2ECW -- ERDAS JPEG2000 (.jp2)

GDAL supports reading and writing JPEG2000 files using the ECW SDK from ERDAS.

Coordinate system and georeferencing transformations are read, and some degree of support is included for GeoJP2 (tm) (GeoTIFF-in-JPEG2000), ERDAS GML-in-JPEG2000, and the new GML-in-JPEG2000 specification developed at OGC.

Support for the JP2ECW driver in GDAL is optional, and requires linking in external ECW SDK libraries provided by ERDAS.

Creation Issues

The ECW 4.x SDK from ERDAS is only free for image decompression. To compress images it is necessary to build with the read/write SDK and to provide an OEM licensing key at runtime which may be purchased from ERDAS.

For those still using the ECW 3.3 SDK, images less than 500MB may be compressed for free, while larger images require licensing from ERDAS. See the licensing agreement and the LARGE_OK option.

Creation Options:

JPEG2000 format does not support creation of overviews since the format is already considered to be optimized for "arbitrary overviews".

Configuration Options

The ERDAS ECW SDK supports a variety of runtime configuration options to control various features. Most of these are exposed as GDAL configuration options. See the ECW SDK documentation for full details on the meaning of these options.

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