File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
commonutils.h [code]
cpl_atomic_ops.h [code]
cpl_config.h [code]
cpl_config_extras.h [code]
cpl_conv.h [code]Various convenience functions for CPL
cpl_csv.h [code]
cpl_error.h [code]CPL error handling services
cpl_hash_set.h [code]Hash set implementation
cpl_http.h [code]Interface for downloading HTTP, FTP documents
cpl_list.h [code]Simplest list implementation
cpl_minixml.h [code]Definitions for CPL mini XML Parser/Serializer
cpl_minizip_ioapi.h [code]
cpl_minizip_unzip.h [code]
cpl_minizip_zip.h [code]
cpl_multiproc.h [code]
cpl_odbc.h [code]ODBC Abstraction Layer (C++)
cpl_port.h [code]Core portability definitions for CPL
cpl_progress.h [code]
cpl_quad_tree.h [code]Quad tree implementation
cpl_spawn.h [code]
cpl_string.h [code]Various convenience functions for working with strings and string lists
cpl_time.h [code]
cpl_virtualmem.h [code]Virtual memory management
cpl_vsi.h [code]Standard C Covers
cpl_vsi_virtual.h [code]
cpl_vsil_curl_priv.h [code]
cpl_win32ce_api.h [code]
cpl_wince.h [code]
cplkeywordparser.h [code]
gdal.h [code]Public (C callable) GDAL entry points
gdal_alg.h [code]Public (C callable) GDAL algorithm entry points, and definitions
gdal_alg_priv.h [code]
gdal_csv.h [code]
gdal_frmts.h [code]
gdal_pam.h [code]
gdal_priv.h [code]
gdal_proxy.h [code]
gdal_rat.h [code]
gdal_simplesurf.h [code]Class for searching corresponding points on images
gdal_version.h [code]
gdal_vrt.h [code]Public (C callable) entry points for virtual GDAL dataset objects
gdalexif.h [code]
gdalgeorefpamdataset.h [code]
gdalgrid.h [code]GDAL gridder related entry points and definitions
gdalgrid_priv.h [code]
gdaljp2abstractdataset.h [code]
gdaljp2metadata.h [code]
gdalmatching.cppAlgorithms for searching corresponding points on images
gdalwarper.h [code]GDAL warper related entry points and definitions
gdalwarpkernel_opencl.h [code]
gvgcpfit.h [code]
thinplatespline.h [code]
vrtdataset.h [code]

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