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VSIVirtualHandle Class Reference

Inherited by VSIBufferedReaderHandle, VSICachedFile, VSICurlHandle, VSICurlStreamingHandle, VSIGZipHandle, VSIGZipWriteHandle, VSIMemHandle, VSISparseFileHandle, VSIStdinHandle, VSIStdoutHandle, VSIStdoutRedirectHandle, VSISubFileHandle, VSIUnixStdioHandle, and VSIZipWriteHandle.

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Public Member Functions

virtual int Seek (vsi_l_offset nOffset, int nWhence)=0
virtual vsi_l_offset Tell ()=0
virtual size_t Read (void *pBuffer, size_t nSize, size_t nMemb)=0
virtual int ReadMultiRange (int nRanges, void **ppData, const vsi_l_offset *panOffsets, const size_t *panSizes)
virtual size_t Write (const void *pBuffer, size_t nSize, size_t nMemb)=0
virtual int Eof ()=0
virtual int Flush ()
virtual int Close ()=0
virtual int Truncate (vsi_l_offset nNewSize)
virtual void * GetNativeFileDescriptor ()

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