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VRTFuncSource VRTSimpleSource VRTAveragedSource VRTComplexSource VRTFilteredSource VRTKernelFilteredSource VRTAverageFilteredSource

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virtual CPLErr RasterIO (int nXOff, int nYOff, int nXSize, int nYSize, void *pData, int nBufXSize, int nBufYSize, GDALDataType eBufType, int nPixelSpace, int nLineSpace)=0
virtual double GetMinimum (int nXSize, int nYSize, int *pbSuccess)=0
virtual double GetMaximum (int nXSize, int nYSize, int *pbSuccess)=0
virtual CPLErr ComputeRasterMinMax (int nXSize, int nYSize, int bApproxOK, double *adfMinMax)=0
virtual CPLErr ComputeStatistics (int nXSize, int nYSize, int bApproxOK, double *pdfMin, double *pdfMax, double *pdfMean, double *pdfStdDev, GDALProgressFunc pfnProgress, void *pProgressData)=0
virtual CPLErr GetHistogram (int nXSize, int nYSize, double dfMin, double dfMax, int nBuckets, int *panHistogram, int bIncludeOutOfRange, int bApproxOK, GDALProgressFunc pfnProgress, void *pProgressData)=0
virtual CPLErr XMLInit (CPLXMLNode *psTree, const char *)=0
virtual CPLXMLNodeSerializeToXML (const char *pszVRTPath)=0
virtual void GetFileList (char ***ppapszFileList, int *pnSize, int *pnMaxSize, CPLHashSet *hSetFiles)
virtual int IsSimpleSource ()

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