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VRTRawRasterBand Class Reference

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VRTRasterBand GDALRasterBand GDALMajorObject

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 VRTRawRasterBand (GDALDataset *poDS, int nBand, GDALDataType eType=GDT_Unknown)
virtual CPLErr XMLInit (CPLXMLNode *, const char *)
virtual CPLXMLNodeSerializeToXML (const char *pszVRTPath)
virtual CPLErr IRasterIO (GDALRWFlag, int, int, int, int, void *, int, int, GDALDataType, int, int)
virtual CPLErr IReadBlock (int, int, void *)
virtual CPLErr IWriteBlock (int, int, void *)
CPLErr SetRawLink (const char *pszFilename, const char *pszVRTPath, int bRelativeToVRT, vsi_l_offset nImageOffset, int nPixelOffset, int nLineOffset, const char *pszByteOrder)
void ClearRawLink ()
virtual void GetFileList (char ***ppapszFileList, int *pnSize, int *pnMaxSize, CPLHashSet *hSetFiles)

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