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VRTComplexSource Class Reference

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VRTSimpleSource VRTSource VRTFilteredSource VRTKernelFilteredSource VRTAverageFilteredSource

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Public Member Functions

virtual CPLErr RasterIO (int nXOff, int nYOff, int nXSize, int nYSize, void *pData, int nBufXSize, int nBufYSize, GDALDataType eBufType, int nPixelSpace, int nLineSpace)
virtual double GetMinimum (int nXSize, int nYSize, int *pbSuccess)
virtual double GetMaximum (int nXSize, int nYSize, int *pbSuccess)
virtual CPLErr ComputeRasterMinMax (int nXSize, int nYSize, int bApproxOK, double *adfMinMax)
virtual CPLErr ComputeStatistics (int nXSize, int nYSize, int bApproxOK, double *pdfMin, double *pdfMax, double *pdfMean, double *pdfStdDev, GDALProgressFunc pfnProgress, void *pProgressData)
virtual CPLErr GetHistogram (int nXSize, int nYSize, double dfMin, double dfMax, int nBuckets, int *panHistogram, int bIncludeOutOfRange, int bApproxOK, GDALProgressFunc pfnProgress, void *pProgressData)
virtual CPLXMLNodeSerializeToXML (const char *pszVRTPath)
virtual CPLErr XMLInit (CPLXMLNode *, const char *)
virtual const char * GetType ()
double LookupValue (double dfInput)
void SetLinearScaling (double dfOffset, double dfScale)
void SetPowerScaling (double dfExponent, double dfSrcMin, double dfSrcMax, double dfDstMin, double dfDstMax)
void SetColorTableComponent (int nComponent)

Public Attributes

double * padfLUTInputs
double * padfLUTOutputs
int nLUTItemCount

Protected Member Functions

CPLErr RasterIOInternal (int nReqXOff, int nReqYOff, int nReqXSize, int nReqYSize, void *pData, int nOutXSize, int nOutYSize, GDALDataType eBufType, int nPixelSpace, int nLineSpace)

Protected Attributes

VRTComplexSourceScaling eScalingType
double dfScaleOff
double dfScaleRatio
int bSrcMinMaxDefined
double dfSrcMin
double dfSrcMax
double dfDstMin
double dfDstMax
double dfExponent
int nColorTableComponent

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