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GDALJP2Metadata Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int ReadBoxes (VSILFILE *fpVSIL)
int ParseJP2GeoTIFF ()
int ParseMSIG ()
int ParseGMLCoverageDesc ()
int ReadAndParse (const char *pszFilename)
void SetProjection (const char *pszWKT)
void SetGeoTransform (double *)
void SetGCPs (int, const GDAL_GCP *)
GDALJP2BoxCreateGMLJP2 (int nXSize, int nYSize)

Public Attributes

char ** papszGMLMetadata
int bHaveGeoTransform
double adfGeoTransform [6]
int bPixelIsPoint
char * pszProjection
int nGCPCount
char ** papszMetadata
char * pszXMPMetadata

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